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NEW SERIES! A wildly entertaining, wholly unique tour de force of action, psychological drama and wit from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant.

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One of my favorite writer reference books

Ever get tired of writing "arched an eyebrow" or "frowned"? I'm constantly trying to find new ways to describe my characters' common expressions and actions (I want to kill myself every time someone has to get out of a car again) and I have a paperback version of The Emotion Thesaurus I love to dip into when I find myself typing "shrugged" or "chewed her lip" for the fifth time. It's a handly little list of the ways people express various emotions, and even if you don't pick one  they list verbatum, sometimes picturing what they describe helps bring to mine a nice little simile of your own. 


You can check it out on Amazon here...


How to Build Your Author Newsletter Like a PRO

As you may know, I'm wildly passionate that every serious author build his or her personal reader email list. I even recently spoke on this topic at the South Florida Mystery Writers of America meeting. Your newsletter the only marketing YOU control and easlily the most powerful selling tool for authors. It can be tough to get it perfect though, and one of the biggest problems is finding the best way to setup and send those newsletters to your readers.

For the first time, and possibly for a limited time (as far as ME making everything happen goes) I'm offering the perfect solution!

See if this sounds famiiar...

AUTHORS: Hosting my site and subscribing to MailChimp (etc) is EXPENSIVE. The more reader emails I gather, the more it costs me. It's like being penalized for growing. AND sometimes they try and STOP me from adding new emails at all!! What can I do?

If you host on GoDaddy or other popular hosts, you'll find they'll only let you send X-number of emails a day. This is what makes using services like MailChimp (etc) necessary. Unfortunately, those services might ALSO actively block you from adding emails gained through newsletter builder programs. How are you supposed to grow effectively with everything working against you?

What if you could send unlimited emails for free from your own server?

You can.

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Has your book been stolen?

While people do get their books pirated (like it isn't already hard enough being an Indie author, thanks jerkfaces) most of the time sites use MENTION of our titles for phishing. They say they have your book, people go to get it, they're asked to enter a credit card (just to join, ha ha), if they're dumb enough on top of trying to steal our books they do, and then the evil people toddle off with their credit card number. (if you're willing to use a credit card, why wouldn't you just buy the book??)

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How to Use Video Ads to Boost Your Book Sales and Get More Book Reviews

Did you know AuthorsXP offers book video production?

The average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Why? Our brains are now more saturated with information than ever before.This is largely thanks to the internet, which has supplied us with hundreds of millions of pieces of content at our fingertips, but also thanks to TV, radio, podcasts, Youtube videos...the list goes on. 

What captures the attention of readers as they scroll through their phones? 


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How to Get a Series Page on Amazon

Series pages are really nice to have on Amazon. They let readers know which books are in the series and in what order they should read them. Most importantly, they encourage readers to read more books!

Don't have one for your series? Here's how to get one!

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