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The Feet of Blue Pigeons

During a break in the pandemic, Aidan Greene gets a panicked message from an old college friend living in Luxembourg. Ethan Katz is a banking exec in Luxembourg for a bank owned by a family from the UAE. He’s discovered a money-laundering scheme which puts his life is in danger and local security can’t help him because they are stretched thin from the pandemic. Can Aidan and Liam help protect him? They haven’t worked much since the onset of Covid-19, so they welcome the chance to earn some money, and help an old friend. But when everyone around them is wearing masks, it’s hard for Aidan and Liam to discern real threats. Their investigation leads them into dangerous territory, uncovering details about immigrant smuggling and who might be behind the money laundering scheme. The pandemic also brings back uncomfortable memories of life during the AIDS crisis, opening up old wounds and drawing Aidan and Liam even closer together, even as they investigate and face dramatic dangers. Ripped from the headlines, the newest Have Body, Will Guard adventure is sure to delight fans of the series. New readers will find it easy to jump in as well. Romance fans will appreciate a subplot bringing two damaged men together.

Author:Neil S. Plakcy
Usual Price4.99
Paperback Price10.99