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Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror


The announcement of Queen Nimue’s pregnancy brings much joy to the citizens of Camelot, but evil never rests. The old gods of Britain are planning their vengeance upon the High King in their lair in Bala. Meanwhile, Crom Cruach, the wolf-god sates his hunger on the people of Hibernia. Word reaches Camelot of the plight of the people across the sea. Justice and decency require King Emrys to act. His brother, Uther volunteers to travel to Hibernia in his stead, taking Taliesin the bard and the mighty blade Caledbur with him to slay Crom. During Uther’s sojourn, the Saxon barbarians gain strength, mustering their numbers. The Saxons’ challenge will not go unanswered. King Emrys with his troops ride forth to halt the advance of the Saxons, but there is greater evil afoot. Will Uther succeed in his mission? What will become of King Emrys? And what of Camelot?

Author:Ian Wilson
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Dragged to Hell

Since the dawn of civilization, man has viewed the afterlife with equal parts fear and fascination. Stories of the Shadow Realm weave through myth and folklore, telling tales of pain, punishment, and purgatory. To this day, we wonder what waits on the other side of the veil. Will we walk the nine circles in Dantes’ footsteps? Will we burn in the land of the eternal fire? Will we dance with the Devil surrounded by monsters and demons? Call it the Underworld, the Kingdom of the Damned, or Hell, one thing is for certain. It’s the last place you want to be.

BBB Publishing presents Dragged to Hell, unleashing the terrors of the dark. This multi-author anthology brings you stories about all things Hellish. From twisted myths to tortured souls seeking redemption, these stories may have trigger warnings or end on a cliffhanger. Proceed with caution. For once you cross the boundaries to Hell, there’s no turning back.

Author:BBB Publishing
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An unusual set of powers. A trip to a bygone era. If she can’t alter people’s minds, tomorrow will never dawn. Ang City, 2093. Tesh is half-numb with grief. Leaning on the Earth’s guardian AI for comfort after her parents’ brutal murder, the powerful orphan bides her time while she lays a vengeful trap. And though the sought-after prodigy hates using her mind-bending skills, she accepts her despised new master’s high-risk mission to time-travel into the past to prevent an apocalypse. Cut off from everything she’s ever known, Tesh awakens deep underground and uncertain of her task’s viability. And once she discovers someone has tampered with her memories, her churning emotions point to a frightening conclusion: Her only escape may lie in the very gifts she reviles… Can she sort the lies from the truth before the planet’s last hope goes up in flames? Newdawn Roamers is the fast-paced second book in the Newdawn Saga YA science fiction fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, unique love triangles, and thought-provoking themes, then you’ll adore Dominique Luchart’s energizing adventure. Buy Newdawn Roamers to embrace endless possibilities today!

Author:Dominique Luchart
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