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Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

Kaleidoscope A Queer Anthology 2022

A collection of stories from voices all over, Kaleidescope, brings you through adventures, romances, nightmares, and more. Pride isn't a deadly sin when it's found in the hearts of those striving to live and prosper in a world that demonizes you, and in the world's of these authors, sometimes that doesn't exist, sometimes it does, and that's all part of the adventure for these queer heroes and heroines. With Stories From: Max Turner S. E. Wigget Em Harriett Ashley Van Elswyk Mia Ram James L. Steele Eva Roslin Paul Evanby Hunter Liguore R. A. Meenan Robin LeeAnn J. A. Bryson Katie Kent Regina Jade

Author:Multiple Author Collection
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Usual Price3.99
Paperback Price13.99
Magpie Goblin Word-Boy

In a city shattered by gravity, packs of feral children roam the streets, playing, fighting, stealing, and surviving. Magpie is odd even by feral standards, and the other kids taunt him and call him Goblin. Nothing makes him happier than talking to the crows that follow him and collecting his pretty rocks and rings, feathers and glasses and other shiny things. The bullies in his pack say he is useless and kick him out. In this city he won’t survive long on his own. Then a chance encounter with two mysterious kids named Grammar and Neverwhen changes his life. He teaches them how to survive, and they teach him how to read and what hugs and friends are. But his vindictive former pack leader hates Magpie’s new pack and will go to any lengths to ruin Magpie’s happiness. He’s been called useless and worthless his whole life. But if he can’t find the self-acceptance and courage to stop his old bully, his new life will be destroyed.

Author:V.R. Friesen
Usual Price0.99