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Romance G, PG Rated

Summer Wedding

This wedding is supposed to be a chance for her to finally make peace with her daughter, not fall in love with one of the guests… Erika is thrilled when her daughter April invites her to her destination wedding. After years of estrangement, the mother and daughter are finally finding their way back to a solid relationship. Erika fully intends to focus on her daughter April this weekend, not herself. She needs to show her daughter that she's no longer the selfish person she remembers from her childhood. Rob never had time for love, but he has always enjoyed his role as the fun bachelor uncle to his sister’s brood of kids. When the wealthy CEO arrives at the Mountain Ridge Resort for his nephew's wedding, the first thing he does is hit someone with his car. The second thing he does is fall in love with the mother of the bride. She’s sworn off love, but he’s going to do his best to convince her that she deserves to take a chance on happiness... “Summer Wedding” is a steamy standalone in the Mountain Ridge Resort series. This contemporary instalove romance includes a myriad of wedding disasters, a couple finding love in midlife, and matchmaking family members who won’t stop until there’s a happily ever after.

Author:Rose Bak
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Cupcakes in the City: A Cupcake Shop Series Novella

Is there anything better than a coffee cupcake first thing in the morning? Kassidy Westhas been asking herself that question for two years, ever since her friend Sabrina opened her shop. Right in their neighborhood. And she doesn’t mind Kassidy taking up a table all day.

The only downside is having to put up with Sabrina’s annoying twin, Ramon. They only agree on two things; life is better when they ignoreeach other. And cupcakes are worth anything, even putting up with someone you don’t like.

When they’re forced together to help save their favorite cupcake shop, they’ll learn not only can first impressions be wrong, but that sometimes the person you thought you knew is full of all sorts of interesting details. And that they just might be exactly what you need.

Author:Roxanne Rhaman
Stand by Me: A clean and faith-filled opposites attract small town Christmas romance

He’s big city, she’s small town. He’s a fast-paced businessman, she’s a slowed-down artist. He loves the night life, she loves the quiet life. He’s wealthy, she... well, isn’t. Can such opposites make love work? Successful Austin CEO Isaiah Williams rarely gives himself the luxury of time off. He thrives on the buzz of making deals and signing multi-million dollar contracts. But spending the holidays in a small Oregon town with his former business partner will let him finalize the purchase of his friend’s share of their business. Plus, even better, he'll get to spend more time with the pretty local artist he met and fell for at his friend’s wedding. Watercolor artist and cafe manager Cas Salter loves to paint the ever-changing ocean. She also loves her friends, her church, and the peace of mind she's developed since she came to live in Chapel Cove. And okay, perhaps she does love Isaiah, just a little bit. His confident charm is hard to resist, but she can’t give up the life she’s worked hard to create or the faith that means everything to her and join him in the fast lane. Life in the slow lane suits her fine. When she reveals the reason she can’t risk moving back to the city, will he choose to stand by her? And when Isaiah is thrown into relying on God as his world crumbles, can Cas choose to stand by him?

Author:Autumn Macarthur
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The Schoolteacher's Suitor

Jane Doran has always been known as a bluestocking. As a dedicated teacher and committed academic, she is happiest with her nose buried in a book. She has never considered herself especially adventurous—that is, until the day she comes across an advertisement for a teaching position in Wyoming Territory. For some reason she can’t explain even to herself, she applies for the position. Next thing she knows, she is boarding a train bound for the Wild West. Grant Andrews knows his place in his family, but sometimes he feels as though his brothers’ underestimate him. There’s more to him than the light hearted, sometimes reckless man most people believe him to be. When he meets the new schoolteacher, he feels like he can finally show a side of himself that many of his friends and neighbors never see. As Grant and Jane draw closer together, bonding over their love of literature and nature, the hesitation they both feel begins to grow as well. Is it possible for a fun-loving, gregarious Wyoming rancher and a prim, studious Boston schoolteacher to find a future together?

Author:Kimberly C. Miller
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Embracing Home: Heartwarming Contemporary Christian Romance Book

She’s not working her dream job. He’s not even sure what his job is. What if that’s exactly what needed to happen for these two souls to finally meet? After her parents retire to Florida, Sabrina Meadows takes over the family motel in Rocky Ridge where she grew up. It’s not her dream job, but what else is a dutiful daughter to do? At least she can bake there, and provide delicious snacks and breakfast for everyone staying with her. Unsure what’s the exact job that he was sent to do, Isaac Bond arrives in Rocky Ridge and meets Sabrina. His boss mentioned buying Sabrina’s motel but didn’t give him any clear orders. And while the motel is lovely, friendly, and truly welcoming, Sabrina doesn’t seem to have any idea who Isaac is, nor is she even thinking about selling her family’s property. Uncertain about everything, yet drawn to each other, Sabrina and Isaac strike up a tenuous friendship that grows as Isaac begins to love Rocky Ridge. When they reconnect with their faith, and with Isaac learning to discern where God wants him to go, the nature of their relationship changes into something even more wondrous. But even as God draws them together, can Sabrina and Isaac find the strength to overcome all the obstacles in their path? Or is their union one that wasn’t meant to be, after all?

Author:Morris Fenris
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Caribbean Soul

Karina had gotten out of the military after her tour was up. Her parents wished for her to come home. She did. What she found did not satisfy. It was cold and dreary and Karina felt something was missing. she did not know what. With a friend, she made plans to g to San Pedro Island to escape the cold and give herself time to think about the future. At the last minute, her friend bailed. Karina went on her own much to her mother's chagrin. What she had not expected was to feel so helpless and at a loss when she was alone. What she did find was four men vying for her attention. Michael was charming and attentive. Jarred who was a bit of a rogue but surprised Karina with his morals. Pierre posed an enigma with his cowboy boots and his insight into Karina’s behavior. Then there was Gabe; tall and mysterious. He paid a bit too much attention to Karina and other females who came to the island. Did he have ulterior motives? Could she decide what her dream was? Was she ready for this?

Author:Doris Jean Sahw
Usual Price3.49
Summer Break with the Billionaire

nother summer break wrangling for the Marigold Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and boy was last semester a doozy. Whitnee needed to get down and dirty with her favorite equines and forget all about the stress of getting her bachelor's degree. Too bad her ex, Gage, decided to come back for the season, too. As additional responsibility and a fresh wave of guests arrive at the Marigold, she's beginning to wonder if maybe she ought to have signed up for more course work. Cutler was the first to admit his cluelessness when it came to horses, but the trusting, gentle nature of his assigned equine partner has him hooked on horseback riding immediately. The cowgirl teaching him the ropes is easy on the eyes, too. When his growing attraction to Whitnee has him thinking more long-term, Cutler must struggle to meet the upheavals of his own life back in the city. Can Whitnee fit in with his lifestyle? Will the boisterous college student even want to? Escape to the Teton Mountains in sprawling Wyoming and uncover a good ole' western romance. Summer Break with the Billionaire is a sweet, clean western contemporary romance that promises to delight and entertain. The Summer Vacation Romance novellas are sweet romances that will transport your heart to the getaway of your dreams. Each book stands alone, so you can book your escape in any order you like. Bon voyage!

Author:Katrina Kylie
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Book Two in the "Impelled" Series: The night of the Million Dollar Grand Prix and Twin Oaks Farm’s end of season party was a night that would change Emma’s life forever – in more ways than one. As her working student position comes to an end, she once again has to make a decision about her future. A decision that just become more complicated because of an unexpected job offer from someone close to her. While this offer seems like it might be the opportunity of a lifetime, it comes with repercussions that mean more change; one of which will affect her current relationship. Emma and her horse Valentine are also making their debut into the world of eventing, and its proving to have its ups and downs as they begin competing. However, right as Emma thinks things are finally going well in her relationship, something happens that makes her re-think everything. Something that forces her to keep a secret that will take its toll on her the more time goes on. When the secret finally comes out, it will destroy everything in its path. Not that Emma has time to deal with it, because she is suddenly faced with a much bigger problem. When the life of someone she loves is put in danger, and with the threat of “no cops” hanging over her head, Emma is now the only one who can save her friend. However, this is only the beginning of the decisions and complications life is about to throw Emma...

Author:Sarah Welk Baynum
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Paperback Price15.99