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Mystery & Thriller

The Creation of Marla Adams

Someone is killing the citizens of Hildebrandt, Texas, and carving perplexing numbers on the bodies. Police Officer Marla Adams is forced into a position for the first time in her career. She has never wanted to be the lead investigator of a major crime, but when her father, the police chief, struggles with his mental illness and her husband, Detective Crosby Adams, battles his demons with drugs and alcohol, she is pressed to take control. Everyone expects her to fail. Marla charges headlong to save her community from destruction and chases leads near home, across Texas, and halfway around the globe to Montenegro. But Marla is losing the battle and her will. The town is right. They're doomed. She doesn't stand a chance of finding the killer. Until a secret is revealed. One that might break the case wide open and place her squarely in the sights of the monster taking lives in her backyard.

Author:Patrick Hanford
Usual Price4.99
Paperback Price14.99
The Book Swap

Newly-separated Laura is back home living with her mum. She spends her days reading and escaping from the realities of her new life alone - until that life suddenly becomes more complicated than she could ever have imagined. When a novel received from an online book swap contains a chilling note, Laura has to overcome her own fears to help a stranger. First, she must uncover just exactly who is it that needs to be saved, and from what.

Author:J.E. Rowney
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Usual Price2.99
Paperback Price9.99
Brotherly Love

Sibling rivalries during a mariachi show threaten brotherly love! When Andy Veracruz agrees to help his girlfriend stage a show in Vegas, he never expects the junior trumpet players to knock one another unconscious or his brother-in-law to blackmail his sister. Despite aid from a lookalike brother and a quick-thinking cousin, how can Andy put on a classy show while investigating multiple crimes?

Author:D.R. Ransdell
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Usual Price8.00
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