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Game of Thrones meets Hunger Games in Medieval Transylvania. A rotten werewolf, a reluctant dragon, and a second-hand witch walk into the Spy Academy. When the cutthroat trials pit them against each other, they'll stop at nothing to win. But they must work together to survive behind enemy lines. Will they team up to live or die all alone? Lives are cheap at the Ottoman court, and magic a ...

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Saving Alex


The team is tasked with rescuing PAY-TV executive Jacqueline Devers in Caracas when she was sent to by her CEO to close a big deal for the company. She was being held falsely against her will. But when the team go in, Jack and Matthew “Easy” Hitchcock get separated from the team and they have to go on the run across a hostile country until they can be extracted. Jack has been through a terrible, t ...

The Scandalous Billionaire: A Sweet Clean Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance

Jackson Aldridge has been deemed the second most eligible bachelor in Seattle, Washington three years running. He's an intelligent, handsome billionaire at the top of his game who lives by a strict set of rules. But when a high-risk investment goes South, Jackson will need to re-evaluate his lifestyle and his rules to prevent his glass house from shattering into a million pieces. Rule No. 1: Bu ...

Run with Perseverance: A 40-Day Devotional Bible Study on the Book of Hebrews about Faith and Godly Living

Discover the book of Hebrews like you’ve never read it before. If you want to skip the fluff and dive deeper into Scripture, this Bible study devotional is for you! Peter DeHaan’s down-to-earth biblical teaching style is relevant, applicable, and inspiring. Over the next 40 days while you’re immersed in the book of Hebrews, you’ll gain a broader understanding of how God’s Word applies to y ...

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Prince Charming

Ash Charming's life was anything but charming. Destined to be nothing. Forsaken to be no one. But a small voice in his head told him otherwise. Destinies cannot be stolen (or in Ash's case, avoided). Prince Charming A fae fantasy inspired by Cinderella.

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Welcome to the Party

An apolitical Vietnam vet still adjusting to life stateside, Patrol Officer Vincent Bayonne has no interest in helping a sheltered politician who only cares about blazing a campaign trail, but when Bayonne and his partner discover a body in the snow and realize a blizzard stranded them at the VFW, they have no choice but to protect the seedy candidate from a neighborhood mob interested in booze an ...

Dirty Whispers

Kendis – Hear no evil 
 I was fired in front of a client for being late for a meeting.  The client happens to be my dream-worthy one-night stand who I ditched.  As despair sets in, he hires me. 
 Although it happened in high school, Jason hasn’t forgiven me. He controls and owns the company. And anything he touches. Including me. 
 Jason’s intense eyes watch me like he can see my secrets. ...

The Secrets of Eronis 8

Leaving the homeworld was easy. Time becoming their enemy is the hard part. The spacecraft, The Aspire, has one mission: reach the new world so its 3,500 passengers can start a new life. When Captain Mitchel Remian awakens from hypersleep to find life support down and the crew maintaining it missing, it's up to him to save what’s left. That Herculean task becomes even more urgent when a ho ...

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Jazzed Up

Jaz Reynolds needs a new lead for his band. One note, one look is all it takes for him to know Cheryl Mathers is the one. Now to convince the sultry jazz singer to make the leap to a different genre and tour with him. When their chemistry rockets off the charts, can he convince himself this is business only? Or will he take a chance to find his own love of a lifetime? Cheryl Mathers has always ...