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An Air Of Deceit

A cozy mountain town with elemental magic that goes back generations. A hereditary witch strengthening the powers within her since childhood. A magical family and a newfound cat familiar to stand by her as she builds a close knit coven of her own, solves the suspicious nature of her grandmother’s death, and steps up to become the foremost elemental witch of the mountain region. ‌ Autumn assumed sh ...

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Dead Secret

All the intel points to his kid as the perp. But the truth could get them both killed… Andy Flint is on the mend and off the booze. Hoping to reconnect with his estranged adult son, he arranges to meet him in New Zealand and walk the stunning Milford Track. But before they can reunite, a massacre at Wellington’s UN intelligence station leaves his boy as the only survivor… and the prime suspect in ...

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Mysterious deaths. A looming evil. When her patients start dying, can a lone ER doc stop the slaughter? Lonely and forsaken by her loved ones, Dr. Emma Steele settles to live for her patients and her wine. When her mentor is murdered, she risks her life to find the killer but falls into his trap. Emma would do anything to stop the carnage, even if unmasking this cold-blooded sociopath may take her ...

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Answering the Call

Annie’s life on Wrangell island is full of simple joys and blessings, from the rugged beauty of the landscape to the warmth of her growing family. But when tragedy strikes and threatens to shatter her world, Annie is forced to confront her deepest fears and doubts. Will she be able to hold onto her faith in the face of such overwhelming loss and uncertainty?

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Bogs, Brews, and Banshees

She’s looking for a fresh start. But with eerie noises in the night and murder most foul, can she keep from going down for a crime she didn’t commit? Miami, Florida. Skye Brigid O’Shea is desperate for an escape. Losing big in a nasty divorce and taking the fall for a patient’s death, the stressed-out thirty-two-year-old jumps at the chance to move to Ireland after inheriting her grandmother’s ...

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