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Bogs, Brews, and Banshees

She’s looking for a fresh start. But with eerie noises in the night and murder most foul, can she keep from going down for a crime she didn’t commit? Miami, Florida. Skye Brigid O’Shea is desperate for an escape. Losing big in a nasty divorce and taking the fall for a patient’s death, the stressed-out thirty-two-year-old jumps at the chance to move to Ireland after inheriting her grandmother’s ...

A Murderous Charade (A Regency Mystery Romance) (Relentless Society Mysteries)

A timeless villainy, a growing love, and the couple who battles them both . . . Miss Marianne Beaumont, a spinster, and her younger sister are on their way home from a night at the theater when they come upon a townhouse fire. They stop to help the victims, including Mr. James Harcourt, a confirmed bachelor, and his parents Sir and Lady Harcourt. Although Mr. Harcourt distrusts the beau monde, he ...

All Souls Night in Glasgow

Màiri is home for Halloween, but will Granny let her her have fun? When a murder takes place almost on her doorstop, Màiri must act quickly Can she rescue Lianna's brother Andy from the poliss? And will Granny let the family enjoy their Halloween party?

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