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A Very Merry Witchmas

It's Christmas in Banshee Creek and Kat Ramos and her witch friends face their greatest challenge yet—baking. It's the First Banshee Creek Holiday Cookie Contest and the girls all want to win. But cooking can be tricky in the Most Haunted Town in America, particularly when a creepy urban legend is making the rounds...and there is a formidable new witch in town. Will Kat win the coveted first prize ...

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Sherlock Holmes and the Father of Lies

OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (AND ALL MYSTERY LOVERS) REJOICE -- FATHER OF LIES is the first in an exciting new series taken directly from newly discovered files of John H. Watson, M.D., friend, biographer and colleague of England's legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. When his brother Mycroft disappears, Sherlock Holmes is drawn into the most thrilling case of his career, one that puts his powers to the t ...

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What To Expect When You're Expecting Something Different

It’s weird how every woman reacts differently. How each pregnancy differs. Mine is definitely unique. My sense of smell became stronger, picking up the faintest odors, and my stomach was in constant turmoil. Those were the first signs. And then I started eating. And eating. If I don’t, I get a migraine and people’s faces become blurry. Electronics seem to malfunction in my presence. And the nightm ...

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Of Murders and Mages: Casino Witch Mysteries 1

Three ways that Ella's life is totally messed up: __ her new coworker is as cranky as he is attractive __ a mischievous cat has decided she needs a familiar __ she just found out she's a witch who can read the emotional hologram of a magical death (and isn't that a mouthful) And oh yeah, there's five dead bodies, and no one knows how they are connected. Now she’s drawn into a madcap investigation ...

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Spirits on the Salish Sea: a Spirited Paranormal Cozy

Rhee Abbott is a reluctant witch with powers that never seem to do what she wants. But her new job as manager of the Drake's Rest Inn is her chance to start over with the normal life she has always yearned for--until she finds a dead body in a guest room just days before the Inn's grand opening. Even worse, she discovers that the dead have begun to talk to her when the victim's ghost begins to fol ...

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Croakies & Scream

Okay, I’ll admit it, this is my least favorite time of year. Yeah, I understand the magic of the season…I get that…but most people don’t have jobs that involve wrangling magic. During the last three months of the year, magical influences run rampant. And that means a lot more work for me. And this year is the worst of all. Why you ask? Because I’m not only trying to wrangle the out-of-control magi ...

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Enjoy the first three books in the Tree's Hollow Witches Series. Brewing Love When Lenora “Lenny” Brewer finds herself fed up with her life in the city, she flees to her Aunt’s bed and breakfast in the small town of Tree’s Hollow. A local handyman turns up dead, and Lenny gets herself mixed up in a murder mystery. Add in a hunky forest ranger, her dream job as an investigative journalist for the l ...

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The Tea Shop Witch: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series with an Amateur Sleuth

A disappearing body. Hidden magical talents. An adorable mind-reading dog. And small-town secrets . . . Addie James’s life imploded when she discovered her fiancé cheating and got downsized from her biotech job. So, she left Silicon Valley for the haven of her Aunt Kate’s tea and apothecary shop in the peaceful mountain town of Stargaze. There, she plans to take a deep breath and figure out what’s ...

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This witch will do anything for a normal life with the man she loves. But when you’re on fairy patrol, normal is relative. Witch Jayce Bonheim has packed away her candles, crystals and cauldrons. With her boyfriend recovering from a hex, she’s determined to build a sane and magic-free life for them both. But when a horde of troublemaking gnomes invades the small town of Doyle, it’s up to Jayce and ...

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Tea, Anyone? Book 1 Brooke & Abby Cozy Mystery

2020 READERS' FAVORITE Bronze Medal Winner in Sleuths! How do two modern, quirky, twenty-something gals solve murders in a small, cozy USA town? Easy. With a little time travel, some humor, and a lot of hard work. When the skeptical Brooke first meets the psychic Abby, she’s not impressed. But with the help of her comfort cat, her middle-aged roomie, her childhood friend, and a hunky detective hin ...

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Bubba Done It

Amateur sleuth and dreamwalker Baxley Powell is called in on a stabbing case. She arrives in time to hear the dying man whisper, “Bubba done it.” Four men named Bubba in Sinclair County, Ga., have close ties to the victim, including her goofball brother-in-law, Bubba Powell. She dreamwalks for answers, but the dead guy can’t talk to her. Baxley sleuths among the living. The suspects include ...

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Baking Bad - a cozy mystery (with dragons) (A Beaufort Scales Mystery Book One)

A tranquil village.

A poisoned cupcake.

A murdered vicar.

A simple case - or it should be. But all clues point to the Toot Hansell Women’s Institute, and Detective Inspector Adams is about to discover there’s much more to the W.I. than just bake sales and jam making.

Alice Martin, RAF Wing Commander (Ret.), and current chair of the W ...

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Fortune Fair

Fortune Fair is the short story prequel to The Tea Leaves Series It is 1997 and two friends, Nancy and Mickie have just finished their first year of college. They set off to the funfair to celebrate and encounter an eccentric fortune teller, The Mysterious Madame Marigold. Madame Marigold predicts Nancy’s destiny, but was it just a cliched fun fair scam, or can Madame Marigold truly predict the fu ...

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Beyond Dead

Bridget Sway is newly dead. And confused. Instead of cloud cars and harp-playing cherubs, the afterlife is working a full-time job that doesn’t pay and a heinous communal living situation with housemates who have no concept of privacy or personal space. As if that wasn’t bad enough, on her first day at work Bridget finds a dead ghost stuffed in her locker. With the afterlife police looking t ...

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Witchy Reservations

From USA Today Bestselling author Stephanie Damore comes a new paranormal cozy mystery series that explores magic, mystery, and what it means to be family. It's been nearly 13 years since Angelica Nightingale had her heart broken. Packing up her life, she left her hometown and vowed never to return. Except now, a family emergency has called her back home, and quite frankly, she'd rather be anywher ...

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Finding You

Blair has a deadline. A scary one. Track down and hand over a magical mystery object she has never seen before and doesn’t know a single thing about... or face the might of the town’s Supernatural Mafia.

Welcome to Glen Falls. A town where nothing is quite as it seems... Beauty salon owner Blair Montgomery’s world turns upside down when she receives a do-or-die deadline from the local b ...

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Becky Tibbs: A Medium's Mystery Series, Books 1-10 : A Cozy Ghost Mystery series (Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series)

What critics are saying: 5 Stars - A look at life through the eyes of a medium Surprisingly I enjoyed this book. I've never been into the mystic things but this book spoke to me. I have revised many ideas of life, death and the afterlife. 5 Stars – wonderful stories this is a series of stories all good becky can see ghosts and so can her brother and sister they found this out when their parents we ...

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A Toot Hansell Christmas Cracker - 12 Short Tales & 12 Festive Recipes (A Beaufort Scales Mystery Book 5)

Rebellious Christmas wreaths.

Mysterious welly-dwelling eggs.

A plague of irate water fowl.

And ten ladies of a certain age who are by no means the least troublesome of Toot Hansell's residents, as far as Detective Inspector Adams is concerned. She's entirely certain her training never covered dealing with the Women's Institute, dragons, or festive magic spills.

Not to m ...

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Parakeets and Pentagrams

Wildlife-rehabbing witch Tabitha Tapscott’s life among the mortals of Dove’s Creek, Virginia is just the way she likes it—until she finds a body on her property. Though the mortals write the killing off as a wild animal attack, Tabitha’s convinced there’s foul play at work because the body reeks of malevolent magic. When a mysterious paranormal detective swoops in to investigate and pins the blame ...

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The faerie curse that plagued the town of Doyle is over. Or is it? Witch Jayce Bonheim has finally got her life back on track. Her coffeeshop’s been rebuilt. She’s got the perfect boyfriend. And the murderous magic that imperiled Jayce and her witchy sisters has been defeated. But when a customer dies in what looks like an animal attack, Jayce is pulled into an investigation that threatens the ver ...

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Planet of the Grapes

Aliens, fairies and murder, oh, my! In small-town Doyle, California, UFO abductions are a budding tourist attraction. So when Susan Witsend brings a UFO festival to town, she’s ready for some well-deserved time in the sun. What she gets instead is the corpse of a UFO conspiracy theorist, brained with a bottle of local wine. Susan may be the owner of a UFO-themed B&B, but she doesn’t wish on st ...

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A Match Made in Spell

If Lexi Balefire’s matchmaking skills seem like magic, it’s for a good reason—witchiness has always run in the family. Without access to her full powers, Lexi can’t help wondering if she’ll ever control the Balefire legacy—or end up a wicked witch like her mother and grandmother before her. When a formerly happy client gets dumped unexpectedly, Lexi must pick up the pieces in order to save her bus ...

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Yule Be Sorry - a cozy mystery (with dragons) (A Beaufort Scales Mystery Book Two)

Bribery. Corruption. Murder.

Who said local politics were boring?

Suspicious deaths on the Skipton city council don't sound as though they should have anything at all to do with the Toot Hansell Women's Institute, and DI Adams would rather like to keep it that way. But when the councillor for Toot Hansell becomes the latest victim, Alice Martin, chair of the W.I. and RAF Wing Co ...

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Better Witch Next Time

Vee Harper has a knack for solving cold cases. But when the Agency of Paranormal Particularities sends her back to 1962 with only a name and a handful of cash, the trail might be too cold for even Vee to track. Rogue witches, power-hungry shifters, and friends who are anything but innocent all have something to hide. Can Vee solve the case before her time is up, or will a young woman remain missin ...

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Gone and Done It

When landscaper Baxley Powell’s shovel strikes a human skull, she bargains with the sheriff. If she solves the cold case, she becomes his new crime consultant. She sees the victim’s face while dreamwalking, but linking her vision to tangible proof isn’t easy. Meanwhile, Native Americans protest that their burial grounds are being disturbed, prompting a media circus. Then Baxley discovers a murder ...

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A Merry Monster Holiday

A fun, humorous holiday romance...with monsters!
Stuck in a snowstorm is bad. Stuck in a snowstorm with the ex-boyfriend you sort-of, kind-of betrayed is even worse. Add a mysterious critter prowling outside and the kooky antics of WPRV, the Most Haunted Radio Station in the USA, and it's a spooky Christmas like no other.

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Larry's Familiar Tale

Nothing ever happens at O’Malley’s Supernatural Scrapyard amongst the piles of rusting and broken magical machinery. Jesse, a washed-out witch, and her canine Familiar, Larry, aren’t expected to do more than keep an eye on things ... until the Mob shows up demanding entry. Jesse and Larry race against the clock to find a long-forgotten magical tool that bends time and space. A mobster mage pla ...

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Magic of Winter: A Celtic Legends Novel

Perfect for the new year and beyond! Award-winning author Martina Boone takes us to a magical setting in the Scottish Highlands to spin a heartwarming standalone novel of love and loss, family and friendship, hope and renewal, small towns and big ambitions.

Cait Fletcher was always second-string in her father's eyes, unable to compete with her perfect older brother. Her father's ...

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The Burning Bowl: A Dark Paranormal Cozy Mystery Novel

When Gianna Petrillo came home from college with a teaching credential in hand, there were plenty of ghosts to greet her in that Central California oil town -- both old and new. Her old flame, who was the son of an oil baron, had married ... but he certainly hadn't settled down. In fact, something had gone terribly wrong for Harvard Knottingham. He was even threatening to blow up his family's oil ...

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