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Melody Robinette


In all eternity, you think Lucifer was the only angel to go bad…? Definitely not. But when the next one does, the Light will be ready with an army of 144,000 half-angels known as Halos. Unfortunately for them, they have no idea. Yet.

Author:Melody Robinette
The Choice

"Have you ever kissed a girl?"

Category New Adult
Author:Melody Robinette
Usual Price2.99

When 17-year-old Autumn Oaken and her twin brother Luke find their parents brutally murdered, they are soon summoned by their grandfather who lives not in another city, but in another world called the Underground—home to all magical creatures seeking refuge from humankind.

The twins journey into the Un ...

Category Young Adult
Author:Melody Robinette
Usual Price3.99

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