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Summer Break with the Billionaire

nother summer break wrangling for the Marigold Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and boy was last semester a doozy. Whitnee needed to get down and dirty with her favorite equines and forget all about the stress of getting her bachelor's degree. Too bad her ex, Gage, decided to come back for the season, too. As additional responsibility and a fresh wave of guests arrive at the Marigold, she's beginning to wonder if maybe she ought to have signed up for more course work. Cutler was the first to admit his cluelessness when it came to horses, but the trusting, gentle nature of his assigned equine partner has him hooked on horseback riding immediately. The cowgirl teaching him the ropes is easy on the eyes, too. When his growing attraction to Whitnee has him thinking more long-term, Cutler must struggle to meet the upheavals of his own life back in the city. Can Whitnee fit in with his lifestyle? Will the boisterous college student even want to? Escape to the Teton Mountains in sprawling Wyoming and uncover a good ole' western romance. Summer Break with the Billionaire is a sweet, clean western contemporary romance that promises to delight and entertain. The Summer Vacation Romance novellas are sweet romances that will transport your heart to the getaway of your dreams. Each book stands alone, so you can book your escape in any order you like. Bon voyage!

Author:Katrina Kylie
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The Sweet Spot

If you had a second chance with your childhood crush, would you throw caution to the wind and try again…or take a step back and forget about your brother’s best friend? Ari: When your good friend asks you to be the ambassador for her new food truck, what do you do? You say yes! At least that’s what I did––and then I found out my co-worker is my high school crush who is also my older brother’s best friend. Never mind the kiss we shared years ago…we’re in an enclosed space and there’s nowhere to go. Carter: Moving back to Lake Lorelei, I hoped Ari was still around. I’ve known her forever as my best friend's little sister, but she’s always intrigued me. I even had a crush on her in high school and we kissed once, but we were young and her brother didn’t want me anywhere near her. Now, we’re in a food truck together and it’s just like old times… The Sweet Spot is a friends to lovers, brother’s best friend rom com set in the fictional town of Lake Lorelei. This closed door romantic comedy has plenty of chemistry and swoony kisses and will have you laughing out loud. Fall in love with the residents of Lake Lorelei today.

Author:Anne Kemp
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Joshua's Bride

As arable farmland grows scarce, the United States opens up former sections of Indian Territory for homesteading. Those who want to claim land must make a run for it. Rose Calloway feels guilty about living off her sister’s, meager schoolmarm’s wages. She responded to a matrimonial advertisement and sees a promising future with Joshua Kent. Joshua Kent, landless and working as a farrier, sees promise in the land run planned for the Cherokee Outlet in Oklahoma Territory. He knows, once he claims his land, he will need a wife and soon decides he wishes to marry Rose. However, once he realizes there are more applicants than available land, he warns Rose he can only marry if he successfully claims his own homestead. Rose is homeless unless she marries or goes with her sister, who is joining the land run. Rose holds a land run certificate in one hand and the final letter from Joshua Kent in the other. Her dream is to marry Joshua, not own land. What will she do now?

Author:Zina Abbott
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