The AuthorsXP newsletter builder provides excellent value compared to similar services when you consider *engaged* subscribers, who actually open and click emails.

– Emily Pendle


I just want to let you know how thrilled I am with all of the fantastic results from the Authors Spotlight and Mail List Builder programs. I can honestly recommend Authors XP to anyone who is looking to grow their readership, increase their author brand awareness, and your great prices on promoting books.

– Sharon E. Buck


FYI, so far the results of your promotions have FAR exceeded my expectations. In the Mystery promo we got about 1600 emails; my first mailing (I waited, as you suggested) was opened by over 40% of them in 48 hours, and more than 70 people requested a copy of my free gift book. In the Action promo, 600+ new subscribers came, more than 40% opened the first email (also within the first 48 hours) and more than 40 requested the free gift book. Both times, they replied right away, and I'm already getting reviews. My "newsletter," which took two years to get to around 500 subscribers, is now over 2000 after just two few months with you, and is much more engaged.

– Dan Alatorre


So many requests! I remain amazed at the effectiveness of your promotions. I did a 50-stop blog tour and Rafflecopter giveaway and after all the dupes were omitted, I ended up with about 100 new names. Doing your Woman Sleuth promo, I ended up with over 1,500! Your membership is very active :)

– DM Barr


I would just like to take the chance to thank you for the excellent services you have provided. As a new author its difficult to know which of the many services available in the publishing world to try out. I am really glad that I tried AXP. From the mailing list builders, to the promotions, and the review services; everything has run smoothly and provided a brilliant step upwards towards success.

– KT Davies


Doing well with the Author Spotlight. It's only been a few hours and so far FREE Wicked Torment has hit the Amazon #1 #Gothic FREE chart in the UK, and it's Amazon #4 Gothic FREE chart in the US. This book is also way up the overall FREE ranking in both Amazon UK & US.

– Carole Mortimer


Thanks in large part to AXP's list-building events, my email list has more than quintupled in less than six months! And I've seen surprisingly few unsubscribes from the folks I gained through AXP—plus the open rate for my e-newsletters to subscribers has actually increased (from about 34% to nearly 40%!). Thanks for the engaged readers!

– Greg


Thanks so much for setting this (private mailing list builder) up for us! It came at the perfect time, too--it's been a while since I did a list-building promo, and I was just thinking about doing another one. I particularly liked the Book Fair aspect, which boosted the sales of my other books while the giveaway was running. That was an excellent secondary benefit! And I appreciate how organized you were through the whole thing. Next time I'm ready for another list-builder, I'm coming to see what you have on the schedule :-)

– Cora Lee


Hi Amy: Thank you so much! I couldn't be happier with the (Mailing List Builder) results. And the new subscribers to my newsletter are really engaged, so it's perfect! I'll definitely be back (in fact, I may try something with your Christmas giveaway).

– Lisa


...I was very pleased with my initial involvement with axp. Got over a 1000 names and over 40% open rate on my first mailing to them. This is one of the few promo schemes I've seen that actually works. Great job.

– Lin Robinson


After testing the AuthorsXP mailing results against my own list and that from another provider's event, I concluded that the quality of your list was far better than anything else I’ve had so far. I hope that’s encouraging to you because it certainly is for me.

– Marc Secchia


Amy... sent a welcome email out today to the new subscribers [from an AXP Mailing List Builder event] with a free exclusive book and a note about my newsletter offerings and a couple of other free book deals. So far --after only 4 hours--the open rate is 30% and the click rate at almost 15%. There was a 98% successful delivery rate--which is great considering the email addresses came from a raffle.Needless to say I'm very impressed...Keep up the good work!

– Stephanie Queen


Just signed up for round 2. I went from 60 subscribers to 3000! THANK YOU Amy!

– Maureen K. Howard


I'm very happy with the results for the latest giveaway on Amy Vasant's, Authors Cross Promotion program and will be happily writing to my huge number of new subscribers very soon. This was a fantastic experince and a fabulous deal!

– Mimi Barbour


My estimate is that with the email list generated by Amy's promotion, I got my free book into the hands of some 500 readers I probably would not have reached otherwise. Some of these readers might read my email next week about my new release and might buy some of my other books. Therefore, I think the Authors Cross-Promotion site works. Thank you, Amy!

– Mike Markel


I have just one thing to say: Amy's Mailing List program works!

– Nicholas Rossis


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  • Averages 300-1000+ reader emails.
  • ALL events support Amazon-Only & WIDE authors.
  • PROMOTE the giveaway to your current mailing list, social media, etc. sometime during the week-long event. All participating authors (and AXP) do this so we ALL benefit.
  • You only gift THREE winners an eBook at the end. AXP sends you the full entrant email list to import into your newsletter mailing list program of choice!
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