Book Fair

Push your ebooks to a genre-specific audience of readers!

Book Fair FAQ:

  • There are dates for each event—each event is devoted to a particular genre. They run concurrent with the Mailing List Builder events (but participating in the MLB is not required).
  • Every reader who enters that week's giveaway is sent to the book fair page
  • Works best if your book is on sale during the event.
  • Your book must be in the AuthorsXP Library for it to appear in the Book Fair. Add a Book | See & Edit Your Books The information here is the information that will be seen on the Book Fair page!

NOTE: If you're already in the matching Mailing List Builder Event you get a coupon to enter your book(s) into the Book Fair for FREE!

Here's the link to the event:  Remember - your book won't show up until the corresponding dates for your genre!



Books should be added to the AXP library before submission. Don't see your book in the dropdown lists below? Click ADD BOOK to add it to the library, and it will be available for use now and in the future for other marketing opportunities!

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