Best Time Travel Fantasy Books

fantasy time travel

There are many different reasons why people love time travel stories. They are able to explore the past and the future, meet historical figures, or even learn more about their families. Time travel fantasies can be set in any era, from ancient Rome to the future. They can also be set in alternate universes where history is very different or even in a fantasy world where magic exists.

In many time travel fantasy books, the protagonist is able to travel back in time and change the past. In order to return to the present, they have to follow a set of rules that are dictated by the author. In others, people from past times travel to the future to share their unique perspectives with the people of today. Another popular trope is when people from the future come back in time to warn people of the present of future dangers.

Whether a time travel fantasy books leans more past or future, or more science fiction or fantasy, readers are guaranteed a fantastic adventure!



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