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Wild Rose Pass is the first book of the Trans-Pecos Series—Ride into the past and share Cadence and Ben’s challenges during a time when the Old West’s crimson sunsets morphed into romantic starlit evenings!

What's a street team?

A street team helps an author hype his or her book. They come in especially handy during giveaways and new book launches.

  • They promote the author and his/her books on social media
  • Review advanced copies on Amazon, GoodReads and other book retailers
  • Help spread the word in groups the author can't access (authors usually aren't allowed to promote their own books in reader groups)
In short, the street team helps spread the word about the author and his/her books!

What does the Street Team get for their efforts?

Street team members get first access to new releases, entries in special "team only" giveaways and other perks. They also get access to a private Facebook page dedicated to the Street Team. In general, the author tries to make being a team member FUN.

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