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GENRE: YA Science Fiction

Welcome to the NEWDAWN Saga series, your latest YA science-fiction dystopian adventure taking you into the future… Take the journey into a future filled with wonders, and what happens when a signal looms beyond our galaxy bringing evidence of alien life and potential doom. Discover the dramatic state of our world by 2098 and beyond when global warming runs havoc on earth and how to survive a planet in turmoil. Learn how our technological advances transform us into more powerful beings in charge of our own destinies. Our fight for survival begins with human ingenuity and one planetary A.I. determined to save its civilization. Under a System on the brink of extinction with five Conclaves fighting for control on a planet unraveling, the young generation is the only hope as they represent the best humanity offers in a fight to endure and thrive. They are Perfect Humans, smarter, faster, and stronger to withstand the harsh demands of the deep void.

The series is inspired by the author's desire to help people envision our planet and our species in the challenges of the future with incredible characters and world-building. Understanding the role of science and technology in our modern world and how they will pave the way to future lifestyles and businesses in the years ahead is key to building a bridge between today and tomorrow while experiencing enthralling adventures. Aside from delivering a riveting story filled with twists and emotion, the Newdawn Saga highlights essential questions about our responsibility to the planet, ethical, scientific exploration, and maintaining humanity in a world where technology reigns.


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