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I just wanted to let you know that I contacted every one of the potential Beta readers who responded and have been really delighted by the response. My email software says that of 59 people, 37 have so far opened the email and 23 have so far downloaded the book. What's amazing to me is that I already have three really thorough responses, people who have really put time and effort into making truly useful comments that will help me make the book better. For the last fifteen months I have been working with a marketing company who were unable to do anything even half as useful and I really look forward to trying out your other services. --- Alexander Charalambides

The authors of AXP are always looking for people to Beta-read their works-in-progress. Could that person be you?

AXP Beta Readers receive the occassional special genre-specific opportunities from authors. These assignments range from beta reading (90%) to special missions.

What is a Beta Reader?

A great Beta Reader offers detailed feedback on plot, characters, clarity and pacing - delivered in a timely manner. In short, authors want feedback on a book about to be published before publication. Beta readers are an important part of the publishing process and can make books better!

How to be the Perfect Beta Reader

  1. Be a reader. Love books!
  2. Choose books in genres you like. Authors want to hear from target readers.
  3. Don’t be mean or apathetic. Authors want constructive criticism, not abuse!
  4. The best candidates understand what makes a good book – such as plot and character development, voice, pacing and structure.
  5. Don’t get hung up on typos – these manuscripts often haven’t gone through a professional editor yet.


  • No regular newsletter. You'll be sent requests as they are needed and only to the genres you sign up for.
  • No obligation to finish. If you want to stop, just let the author know you'll be unable to finish and move on!
  • Because the beta readers are the most dedicated readers, you will sometime receive other bonus opportunities to work with authors or weigh in on topics!

If you think you’ve got what it takes, sign up below under your favorite genres to join the ELITE BETA READER CLUB!

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