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Three Confess: A Silas McKay Suspense

When Silas investigates a case of intellectual property theft, he has too much of everything. Too many suspects. Too many distractions. Too many feelings. Circuitry Innovations of Dallas has developed a new type of semiconductor. Sales are pouring in, but when the CEO learns a Chinese tech company in Shanghai has an identical product, he hires Silas, head of operations for Discreet Corporate ...

The Wandering Isles: A Crown of Stones Novella (Soulbound Journeys Book 1)

Ian Troy sacrificed everything for peace. After centuries of conflict, the realms of Mirra’kelan are united. His magic is no longer needed. Free to choose his own path, Ian sets sail on a journey of exploration with his friend and ally, Jarryd Kane. Months on the open sea, far from the shores of home, they arrive at an isolated chain of rocky islands shrouded in mystery—the Wandering Isles. Their ...

Category Fantasy
My Romantic Mechanic

Klara is in love with her mechanic, Leo. She adores him, and the way his large hands feel on her body, especially when they take showers together. They have moved in together, but Klara isn't sure if they should take things to the next level and get married. After all, she turned down his first proposal a few months ago. Leo has never strayed before, and he loves everything about Klara - from t ...

Category Romance Steamy
Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series (6 Book Series)

*****Voted one of 50 self-published books worth reading, 2016***** 

USA Today Bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke, brings you murder, mayhem, and a second chance at love! Mystery, food, and a Siamese cat named after Miles Davis, too. 

It's not easy doing Public Relations for Catmmando Tom, a famous cartoon cat. When they find a dead body at the foot of Catmmando ...

Category Mystery-Crime
Wasteland Marshals: Volume One

The world ended. Then things got tough. Shane Collins and Lucas Maddox are the last two US Marshals after a global cataclysm that destroyed most of modern civilization. They’re still on the job, fighting the good fight, although they’re no longer fully human and maybe not entirely sane. Witches and werewolves were not covered in their training as US Marshals. Then again, neither was the Apocalypse ...

Reaching for Forever

For him, it was lust at first sight…For her, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him… CAUTION: Sexy page-turning read, totally unputdownable. #LoveAtFirstSight #SecretBaby #HappyEverAfter Flora Hargrove is a school teacher, a normal kind of gal who is all about family and friends. So when her best friend needs undercover help to save a teen that’s gone missing, she’s all in — stripper pole and all. ...

Category Romance
Kip's Resolution

Hollywood stunt man Kip Rocklyn loves taking risks, using his skills to cheat death. After a tragic dose of reality testing, he wonders if he’s just a kid refusing to grow up. Mina Winthrop is a straight arrow, mature and responsible. But she’s got a secret problem—she is still a virgin. And she’s decided Kip Rocklyn is the perfect remedy for that.

Category Romance Steamy
Serena McKay Crime Novels Complete, Books 1-2: A Dystopian Crime Series

5 Star Review -- Dystopian Crime with a Vengence! Meet Serena McKay former police officer turned PI. Meet a cast of the extremely rich and the equally poor people. Indulge in a vision of the future that will make your hair stand on end. In August City there are four areas. One for the super-rich, one for those who are wealthy, and two for the poor and the destitute. Life is good in the rich areas ...

Category Mystery-Crime
Find Her

A simple heist at a hardware store uncovers a brutal crime spree leaving a police officer dead, several innocents murdered, and the small Oregon town of Sweet Home shaken to its core. Veteran police officer Lacey James answers the call. The robbery suspect has fled, but the items she finds inside the car at the scene raise the hackles on the back of Lacey’s neck: a hammer, a tarp, zip ties, and a ...

Category Mystery-Crime
Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul

Get ready for heroic acts of devotion, devilish entertainment, unexplainable coincidences, and bold inspiration. From a special four-legged childhood friend to the newest Humane Society adoption during the coronavirus lockdown, Lorilyn reveals the deep and profound bond between animals and her family. As in her award-winning memoir, Children of Dreams, Lorilyn unearths spiritual truths and biblica ...

Category Non-Fiction
A Merry Monster Holiday

A fun, humorous holiday romance...with monsters!
Stuck in a snowstorm is bad. Stuck in a snowstorm with the ex-boyfriend you sort-of, kind-of betrayed is even worse. Add a mysterious critter prowling outside and the kooky antics of WPRV, the Most Haunted Radio Station in the USA, and it's a spooky Christmas like no other.

Category Paranormal Cozy

A Suspense filled fast-burn romance.The 1st in the Racing Hearts Series of sizzling action tales. Set in a fast intense and dangerous world of Motorsport & the men and women competing in more ways than one.

Category Romance Suspense
Sons of Silver Springs

Heart of the Lawman: Tragedy sent Bart Quarrels home to his dying father's side, but someone was trying to kill the new horse wrangler. Would Bart be able to protect Josie from the past?

The Lone Wolf's Child:  No matter how many times he left for the rodeo circuit, Chance Quarrels always came back to Pru Prescott, the woman who had his heart. And ...

Category Romance Western
Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.

No matter where the watch hands turn, she’d rather remain home. But with every time-traveling trekker’s life at stake, can she stop a deadly clock? Wilda Firestone survives off black coffee and white-hot sarcasm. And despite the colorful slew of characters filing through her time tourism costume shop, the retired First Nations Temporal Agent would prefer a quiet, more linear existence. So she’s le ...

21 Nights with Billionaire Boss (Magic Island Book 1 - Chance)

If wanting a man twice my age is so bad... why does it feel so good? I’m at Jackson Kent’s front door to schedule an interview for a work project. He answers the door... And all my lady cylinders start firing! He’s smoldering. After mistaking me for his 7-year-old’s nanny, Jackson Kent finally realizes who I am—his off-limits, best friend’s niece. One thing leads to another and we’re doing more th ...

Category Romance Steamy
Hierarchy of Blood

The winner will be crowned Ambassador’s Bride. The losers will meet certain death. When you’re living inside a dwarf planet in the cold abyss of space, life is only easy if you’re rich. 17-year-old Marishel Vance works as a seamstress – but when she’s selected to compete in a brutal contest for the Ambassador’s hand in marriage, she’s quickly catapulted into a life-threatening struggle. Marishel h ...

Category Science Fiction
Murder Takes a Bow

Olivia Morgan’s life working as an assistant in her boyfriend’s cruise ship act has been a permanent vacation.  But her cruise to the Bahamas takes a terrible turn when Peter leaves Olivia and her talkative parrot Chico stranded on the ship with a show scheduled in just a few days.  It takes an even worse turn when a crew member is murdered! Can Olivia pull off the show without Peter, or ...

A Murderous Charade (A Regency Mystery Romance) (Relentless Society Mysteries)

A timeless villainy, a growing love, and the couple who battles them both . . . Miss Marianne Beaumont, a spinster, and her younger sister are on their way home from a night at the theater when they come upon a townhouse fire. They stop to help the victims, including Mr. James Harcourt, a confirmed bachelor, and his parents Sir and Lady Harcourt. Although Mr. Harcourt distrusts the beau monde, he ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
Cursed be the Wicked

Cooper Shaw lives his life under a pen name and enjoys the anonymity it provides during his journeys across the globe as a seasoned writer for a travel magazine. When his job lands him in his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts to cover the famous Festival of the Dead, he soon realizes that he can’t stay invisible forever as he faces ghosts from a past he’s been trying to forget ever since he left. ...

Category Mystery-Crime
Christmas Stories 7 Original Short Stories

Celebrate the season of miracles with this collection of short stories about the lives of ordinary people and the lessons they learn during an extraordinary time of year. You’ll meet a young boy who reevaluates his perceptions after he’s forced to spend Christmas with his stern grandfather, an attorney who seemingly has everything but really has very little, a burned-out homecoming queen who gr ...

El viaje inmóvil: Relatos de gente que viene y va

CADA VIAJE, UNA CICATRIZ Gente que se acerca o que se aleja. En la distancia, en el más íntimo espacio. Un movimiento, una excusa, una metáfora. Dudas, indecisiones, imprevistos, aventuras. El escape, la evasión. Siempre al encuentro esquivo de uno mismo. Si gusta de las historias de viajes, de gente común en situaciones inesperadas, disfrutará de estos estupendos relatos de ARNOLDO ROSAS. C ...

Identity Shift: Who God Says You Are

Many of us define ourselves according to our roles in life or our job titles. God has a much different definition of who you are and how He sees you. Be encouraged through these nine devotionals and shift your identity to what God says about you!

Category Christian
One - The Collection

Three couples. Three books of friends-to-swinging lovers-fun! Happily married couple, Jasmine and Basil are ready for some hot summer fun, but things take a turn for the hotter when they realize their resort is a playground for swingers in ONE SUMMER. Billy and Claire join old friends and make new ones in Mexico in ONE WEEK. Matt missed the summer trip, but joins his friends in Mexico to ...

Category Romance Steamy
Murder Under the Mistletoe

This the second Maybridge Murder Mystery featuring garden designer Abby Finch, her family, friends and murder. The first death appears to be an accident, but then someone starts to apply blackmail pressure on her to give his garden a make-over and she becomes certain that far from an accident, it was an attempt to murder him. When a second body is discovered, with her fingerprints over everything, ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
Exed & Hexed

Midlife can be daunting. But haunting? A ghost insists his murder be solved and that a newfound witch be his eternal bride.

In the realm where the mundane intertwines with the supernatural, Vanessa Holt’s life takes a spellbinding turn. Divorced and threatened by a looming eviction, she seeks refuge at a mystical psychic fair, hoping to find solace after her recent divorce.

Ye ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
Nailed Right

Finley I've given up on love and am content pouring my heart into my work—until Jake, the charming single dad and one of my favorite customers, flirts with me and melts my defenses. Despite our age difference, our connection is instant, passionate, and utterly addictive. I'm ready to surrender to our love until Jake's ex reappears, determined to cause trouble. I'm willing to risk my heart agai ...

Bossy Billionaire's Fake Engagement

Securing my multi-billion dollar deal requires a Fake Fiancée. And my sister’s best friend is my only option. I’m left wearing her drink when that feisty fireball crashes into me. Then, the suit-soaking beauty appears at my door as an unwelcome guest. But an undeniable attraction sparks a steamy one-night stand, impossible to resist. Then I discovered my Vixen works for the company I just bou ...

Every Five Minutes

Gina, if that's her real name, walks into the city then turns and returns home. This is not a day for work. Today she will spend with a white dog and a remarkable man. Every Five Minutes is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. Readers say: “Bronwyn Elsmore has crafted a beautiful story in a unique way.” “A very unique read to be sure, but her writing brilliance showed on each page as she pulled it off.” ...

One Night With My Billionaire

I thought Dax was the typical gorgeous, arrogant billionaire until I stumbled upon him playing the piano. I don’t know why he is so angry all the time and such a bully that I literally start shaking in fear when I see him. I’m working on the wait staff at the family estate and have been told to keep my place and stay out of the way. Until…a storm suddenly blows in one day and strands us together i ...

Savage Stalker

Dane Reynolds President of the Savage Angels MC. Fierce, strong and loyal. He’s had his eye on Kat for a while now and has been waiting for her to come to him but he’s had enough of waiting. He’s decided it’s time to make her his. Katarina Saunders. Kat to the world, international rock star. Lead singer for The Grinders. Until she has an accident that ruins her career and sends her running ...

Category Romance Steamy
Mastering Your Scenes

This book was written with one main purpose, to help give authors and writers a creative boost in their scene writing and toss writers block into the oblivion of the abyss. In order to accomplish this each chapter is written in a workbook like format so that the steps provided can easily be implemented after they are explained. For each element of scene writing that is presented J.A. Cox explains ...

Category Non-Fiction
Once Upon a Crime

Fleeing her life for a short break, Charlotte Ross, along with her best friend, visit her aunt in the sleepy town of Raven’s Caw, Michigan. Charlotte hopes to recover from a recent split with her fiancé, and Jane, a new mystery writer, is looking forward to somewhere relaxing. But life has different plans for the two friends as they get swept up in a whirlwind of romance, mayhem, and murder when t ...

Taming The Bad Boy

Arrogant playboy, gorgeous bad girl, danger everywhere… I’ve been running from my abusive ex for days. I’m terrified and desperate. I find an empty cabin and safety, maybe for a day or two. Suddenly, I hear someone behind me and I turn to face him. This guy is beyond gorgeous, and he knows it. He stands there glaring at me with eyes the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea on a sunlit day. Instant ...

Category Romance
Trusting You

A Baker. A Bartender. One Steamy Night. 

 Katy Heart, never thought she’d be spending her 25th birthday single as a third wheel. Who breaks up with someone on their birthday? Sad and lonely she gets caught off guard when the hot bearded bartender offers to take her home. One night of passion quickly blossoms into something more. But when a series of unfortunate events strikes her bakery Ka ...

Category Romance Steamy
Trash and Treasure: A Fox Hollow Novella

Raccoon-shifter Mico Foley drives a garbage truck in Fox Hollow, a job that keeps a roof over his head while he pursues his true passion—creating art with found objects. He fears he might never find a mate—until he falls hard for the sexy new baker in town. But will a hottie like that fall for a guy like him? Possum-shifter Jack Hargrave is the new night baker at Bare Necessities Cafe, his big ...

Category LGBTQ
Shooting Messengers

What if delivering the mail was a matter of life and death? Somebody kills a postman in Quake City while he’s delivering the mail. Laconic private investigator Danny Ashford suspects the police will bungle the investigation—they usually do. He joins forces with headstrong investigative reporter Deepa Banwait to track down the killer. But when a second murder follows close on the heels of the first ...

Jericho and Nuala

Today was a special day, a day she would never forget. The first time she had met a man. And she had taken him as her prisoner...

Deep in the undiscovered forests of Urquaid, the Tinka women live in secret, haunted by their traumatic past. Maimed and mutilated by their own men, they massacred every one of them. The youngest Tinka, Nuala, has heard stories of man’s barbarity all her life ...

Category Romance Steamy
All's Fae That Ends Fae: An Irish Contemporary Fantasy Novel

Bintou Sissoko is caught in the middle of an epic mess. Long gone are the days when she could peacefully lose herself in ancient texts, yearning for the quiet life. Now, she's the liaison for the old gods, a promotion she never asked for. As the master translator, Bintou knows her skills are crucial, but she's not exactly thrilled when everyone around her gets mesmerized by a war goddess on a s ...

Category Fantasy-Urban
Secrets of Redemption

All Becca wanted was a fresh start. She didn't get it. Get started with this award-winning series today. It Began with a Lie, This Happned to Jessica and The Evil That Was Done are all on sale for 99 cents each!

Burn For Me: Slow Burn Book 1

Lillian Rouse is new in town and determined to rebuild her life after a divorce. With everything new: a place to live, and a job in a new city, she sees an exciting future within her grasp. What she doesn’t take into account, is the handsome man who calls himself Smoke to overwhelm her senses. Zack Smoker has worked hard to build his new company, and the last thing he was looking for was a woman t ...

Alpha Wolf Protectors: Reverse Harem Rejected Mate Romance

Marked as a traitor after abandoning my pack and choosing to join another, I was being hunted by the man who rejected me. Cursed as a half-breed, ignored and unwanted, I was an outcast amongst my pack. I had dealt with a lifetime of abuse, with Ward as my only ally. When faced with the news of his betrayal and union to a full-blood wolf, I had no reason to stay. In a new town and with a ne ...

Category Romance Steamy
Not So Friendly Intent

Elliot Crawford is in love, but not with the man she planned to marry. Elliot – Fleeing to Shane after my engagement ended was supposed to make me feel better. And it did, until I started wondering why my relationships never make me as happy as my friendship with him. Big mistake. I’d be a fool to risk our friendship by trying to redefine it. So, why did I bait him into something more? Shane – My ...

Category Romance Steamy
Nailing Mr. Nasty

They call him Mr. Nasty . . . Jack Nast knows better than to date an employee, especially a curvy, sexy employee like Samantha Striker. Sam knows better than to tug the tail of a lion like Jack Nast, but she just can't help herself. He's big, brawny, and teeming with testosterone. How's a girl suppose to resist that combination? Besides, he doesn't scare her! Much.

Category Romance Steamy

Kindergarten teacher/wine saleswoman Casey Samms has always wanted to be a mother. Now that the blessed event is actually going to happen, she's ready to give up the wine and chocolate brownies and prepare for the swollen ankles and sleepless nights. But she has no idea what to do about the father. Her plan for immaculate conception—or as close as she could get to it via sperm donor—is ruined by t ...

Category Romance Comedy
Stand by Me: A clean and faith-filled opposites attract small town Christmas romance

He’s big city, she’s small town. He’s a fast-paced businessman, she’s a slowed-down artist. He loves the night life, she loves the quiet life. He’s wealthy, she... well, isn’t. Can such opposites make love work? Successful Austin CEO Isaiah Williams rarely gives himself the luxury of time off. He thrives on the buzz of making deals and signing multi-million dollar contracts. But spending the holid ...

Category Christian
Mann Cakes

Love makes men do desperate things - if desperate things means opening a rival cupcake shop to drive your ex-girlfriend crazy. Twin brothers and air force vets Tanner and Garrett Mann return from deployment to find their thriving business burned to the ground. Time for plan B: move back to their hometown of Beach Pointe to start over. But that means running into Paige and Morgan Baxter: gorgeous, ...

Category Romance Comedy
Submitting to Him

An act of betrayal, a call to 911, and a note from the brother she lost give Natalie the courage to embark on a journey of self-exploration. Unknowingly set up by their friends, Alex and Natalie spend the evening together at New York City’s Fire and Ice BDSM club. Neither one is looking for love, but their chemistry is too strong to ignore. They agree to a Dom/sub contract with an expiration date— ...

Category Romance Steamy
Fake Fiancée of a Billionaire

It started as a game to win the bet, and I became a fake fiancée of a Billionaire. I left Maple Fall to succeed as an event planner in New York City. I met Ava, the high priestess of the scene, who challenged me to open a successful business in my hometown in six months or work for her. In Maple Falls, I ran into Liam, the billionaire, and introduced my business. He suggested a fake en ...

Category Romance Steamy
Hippo For Christmas

'Ellie listened to the song's lyrics as she watched me squirm. She smiled, a real smile, for the first time since I'd sat down. It was a deep, satisfying smile, like from a cat who had just revenge-vomited into your favorite slippers. (It's a thing, I work in a pet shop.) "All right, I know what I want for Christmas," she said.' Hippo For Christmas is a charming and funny tale; a perfect ...

A Word of Advice

A short romantic comedy about taking control and then letting it go. Natalie Bloom has spent her career building a reputation for herself and it’s paid off. She’s known worldwide for her incredibly sarcastic yet impeccably accurate advice column. She’s a force to be reckoned with, takes orders from no one, and is hell bent on making it through life on her own terms. And she was. Until she wasn’t.

Category Romance Comedy

“You have my heart, Butterfly. Someday, I hope you will trust me enough to give me yours.” When Valhalla resident, Former Navy SEAL Mitch Anderson and his company, Paws Your Six were invited to compete in The National Police and Security K9 Trials in Arizona, he didn’t hesitate to invite his love interest, Pediatric ICU nurse, Mia Shaw to come along. They’d barely arrived when an angry c ...

Enigma Rose

Warning!  There is explicit language and sexual content!

Mayor Joshua Steadman's biggest accomplishment is marrying his perfect first lady, Melissa.  But when Melissa falls terminally ill and confesses a disturbing secret on the eve of her death, the mayor's life is thrown into chaos.  Haunted by an alluring, enigmatic ghost from his past, Joshua must suppress his lust an ...

Category Romance Suspense
The 12th Letter

Disabled veteran Trey Reynolds is struggling to reacclimate to life back home in Pittsburgh after losing his leg on his last mission. On a whim, he gives up and leaves everyone he's ever known so he can move to Galveston, Texas, the place of his fondest childhood memories. He takes on a job renovating an old home where one night, while he's still depressed and at his lowest point, he finds a diary ...

Kane: One Night with a Biker

Being with a bad boy has never felt so good. Abilene I’m in desperate need of a date to take on a work-related trip. I’ve been fending off the owner of the company’s son by talking about my serious boyfriend. The problem is… he doesn’t exist. If I don’t produce him, the owner’s son is going to call my bluff, and I might even lose the promotion I’ve been working toward. So when my sister drags me t ...

A Medium's Stepchild

ust as Patrick and Becky are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, something unthinkable happens. Can their magical love for each other survive this surprising new development? That's all I can tell you! Join Becky and the gang in Asheville as they deal with the next family emergency and an overwhelmed Becky continues to help ghosts with their unfinished business. The author recommen ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
The Nephilim's fate: a hot, action packed paranormal romance (War of the Nephilim series Book 1)

She’s a witch, he’s a Nephilim – and a simple kiss could kill them both. Alissia spent years longing for a mysterious man who only appeared in her dreams... but when Nate rescues her from a group of supernatural attackers, she makes a shocking discovery. She’s a witch, and he’s a Nephilim – the son of an angel and a human – and love between them is impossible. Determined to prove the old texts wro ...

Category Romance
The Death Contingency

Regan McHenry, is a Santa Cruz realtor, whose work puts her in the midst of mystery, mayhem and even murder. The amateur crime solver uses tools and techniques she’s learned during her career and skills she’s honed as a keen observer of human nature to solve mysteries ─ just not always soon enough to stay out of trouble. She’s aided in her sleuthing by her husband, Tom Kiley, a former computer pro ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
The Pearl of All Brides

Arnold’s Story This time the handsome jeweler Arnold Ehrlich has gone too far. He has not just kissed the Rabbi’s daughter—he was caught! Custom dictates that he has to marry her now but there is no room for a bride in his life amidst the competition for the crown jewels. And yet, he finds himself looking after her—and unable to keep his hands off the beautiful and witty girl. Contrary to popular ...

Category Romance Steamy
Mercury Falling

What happens when Mercury's first official week of guests includes not just white witches, night witches, and warlocks, but someone unexpected… Bad enough Daphne and Mrs. H both have it out for me, but hosting a night witch means the whole council is waiting for blood. Especially the Hell’s Council rep. But that isn’t the worst of it. Now, we’ve had a surprise guest everybody hates. And then, the ...

Category Directory
Frightful Friday

An upset at the Harvest Festival , a Fright Night fundraiser with a deadly twist, and a realtor-turned-sleuth caught in the middle of both. Tabby is finally ready to go on a casual fun date with Detective Jay Jameson at the local church’s Harvest Festival, but her witch friends are holding their Fright Night fundraiser that same night. She feels caught in the middle of a long-standing quarrel betw ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
The To-Do List

Relax, she’s got this… Maggie Harris has her ultra-organized life well in hand, until she finds her neighbor and husband together, in her bed, and the tight hold she keeps on her world unravels, leaving her grasping for an escape. So how can she refuse when she’s handed the dream job of running her aunt’s bookstore and a chance for a fresh start? Even though the bookstore is in Brockport, Connecti ...

Category Romance Sweet

When the forces of darkness masquerade in the light, is your sword sharpened in TRUTH and wielded to fight? After another clash with evil, Ellie is back as a special agent with the FBI, and she and Steve are expecting their first child. Ellie should be enjoying the happiest time of her life, but instead, she is living in terror. Violence is sweeping the nation, and crime has reached an all-time ...

Category Action-Adventure
Under the Salvadoran Sun

Angela, a mature artist, mother, and widow from Seattle, Washington, travels to El Salvador after the death of her husband. There she must confront old memories of a past affair when she runs into her past lover, Liam O'Connor. Filled with familial conflict, questions of faith, and self-interest versus true humanitarianism, the story confronts the issues of immigration without proselytizing a solu ...

Category Womens Fiction

Rebecca had been bullied for most of her school life. Now her father had been promoted in his job, they had relocated to a new area. A new school. A chance for a new beginning. But was it? How will Rebecca respond when she’s finally had ENOUGH? This is based on a true story. Parental Guidance is strongly recommended due to subject matter.

Category Young Adult
Bestie's Bossy Billionaire Brother

I never expected my best friend’s brother to be my protector. When grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed billionaire Oliver helped me escape on my wedding day, I didn’t expect to become his daughter’s nanny. I also didn’t expect him to give me lessons on the art of pleasure. Boy, it’s getting hot. And the more we practice, the more I want. Oh, he definitely wants more too. I don’t know if we can stop after thes ...

Category Romance Steamy
Holiday Luv bundle: Four Christmas Romances

A boxed set of four sweet holiday romances.  

A jilted bride meets a handsome Scrooge.

Love blooms on a Christmas tree farm.

Second-chance at love on a TV bake-off.

A lost dog stirs up Christmas romance for a single mom.

“Warmed my heart and had me believing in the magic of Christmas again!”

— Reader Review

Category Romance Sweet
Time Lost

Dan Baker is loved by most in the small town of Jerrod, Texas. Everyone except Virgil Hooper. The animosity between the two families runs deep, spanning three generations, reaching its peak when Hooper loses most of his farm to bankruptcy. Dan outbids him at an auction for a piece of farm equipment, further fueling Virgil's hatred, sparking a brutal attack, leaving Dan with a severe head injury. ...

Category Fantasy-Urban
Rage in The Wilderness

You can’t keep the past buried forever… When private investigator Nikki Garcia comes to New Mexico, raging wildfires in the nearby mountains force her and her family to evacuate. In the ensuing chaos, people close to her, including her husband, mysteriously disappear. Join Nikki as she races across the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Colorado prairie in a desperate attempt to save her lo ...

Dead Men Never Sleep

When Chad Garrett offers psychic sleuth and restaurateur, Daisy O'Connor a ghost-busting gig with a fat paycheck, she dives into the supernatural deep end. The only catch? The ghost, aptly named Mr. Sandman for his nocturnal visits, can't remember his own name or how he ended up ghosting around.

Daisy, a feisty redhead with a knack for solving both earthly and otherworldly puzzles, is a ...

Category Paranormal Cozy
Second Chance for the Grumpy Billionaire

Well, well, look who's back in town - if it isn't Mr. Brainiac Billionaire. Miles, the geeky tutor that I friend-zoned in high school, is now a rich tech mogul. We reunite when I cater his sister’s wedding and sparks fly faster than sugar in my industrial mixer. He’s a sure recipe for trouble that promises to turn the heat up to Super HOT!

Category Romance Steamy
Dragon's Flight

"I and my 2,883 sisters, brothers, and half-siblings are heirs to some of the richest families in the world. We are also genetically engineered freaks..." — Allison Kemp, Foundation Heir.

Allison faces the challenge of a lifetime when she and those she loves are targeted by RealHuman, a cult determined to protect the human race from the rise of a genetically engineered species. Being we ...

Category Science Fiction
The Angelic Realm: Discovering The Spiritual World and Its Healing Powers

Are you fascinated with the spiritual world? Experience the awe and wonder of heaven and become inspired by the true stories and revelations that are revealed to me to deliver to others. Engulf yourself into a peaceful uplifting mystifying read that may provide you with a sense of hope and healing of one's heart, mind and soul. (Christian/Non-fiction/Spirituality)

Category Christian
Soul Sentinel

When she’d run away from foster care, Layla Sandor dreamed of having a normal life, of education, a career and a family. Living and working at Stone House Inn, she’s on her way to fulfilling that dream. If only the dead would leave her alone. Bad things always happen when she allows her ability to communicate with the dead to be part of her life. A few people know about her unwanted gift and don’t ...

Holly and Holidays, Another Murder

The crisp winter air filled with excitement as dog lovers gathered at the first annual Pets & Paws Holiday Gala. The ballroom of the country club was transformed into a winter wonderland, adorned with twinkling lights, shimmering ornaments, music, and an array of delicious food. Despite some mysterious messages, the evening was a perfect opportunity to support the local dog rescue and indulge in s ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
The Red Wolf Saga: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Adventure (Complete Series)

Werewolves, Vampires and Dragons. Conspiracy, Romance and Adventure. Binge read the now completed Red Wolf Saga series in this special box set! At over 1,500 printed pages and a decade of publications, it will keep you turning pages late into the night—at a fraction of the cost of the individual books together. Most guys are willing to make a few lifestyle changes when the right girl comes a ...

Category Fantasy-Urban
Christmas Punch

Last year Liz got divorce papers for Christmas. This year, she’ll get the gift of love… When an unexpected divorce leaves her with nothing but an empty house, Liz Delaney decides to finally pursue her lifelong dream of opening a café in her small town. By day she’ll serve fancy coffee drinks and by night there will be themed cocktails, music, and art. The only thing standing in her way? A grinchy ...

Flowers for Valeria

Valeria was like a flower withering on the stem until Marc came along and revived her… Valeria had put her own needs aside so she could run her family’s business. She made no time for pleasure and had forgotten the golden rule – always stop and smell the roses. When Marc came into her store and couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she felt her body react to his presence. This gorgeous man, covered i ...

Category Romance Steamy
The Cargo: A Shifter Space Opera

A forgotten hero desperate for work. A lost love reincarnated in a shapeshifting alien. What could possibly go wrong? An outer arm of the Milky Way, 2420. Cliff Crane is just trying to get by with nothing. Four hundred years after saving the human race during the Vampire Wars, the legendary werewolf finds himself far from Earth with only the ghost of his ex-lover as company. Taking a lucrative ...

Category Science Fiction
Santa on Strike

What happens when a naughty Santa gets his first job?

Meet Nixon Bright. He’s not the nicest Santa around, but then, he doesn’t have the nicest job. Nixon scraped the bottom of the barrel and ended up working in a bar—Bette Jo's Bimbo Bar—where sloppy sitters and spilled drinks make working conditions hazardous.

All Bette Jo has is Bimbo’s Bar, a mountain of d ...

Category Romance Steamy
Finding My Place

“Finding My Place" is a heartwarming children's book about a young girl named Aliana who leaves her home country and moves to America with her family. Aliana has mixed emotions about the new opportunities and adventures that await her in her new home, but she quickly realizes that it is challenging trying to learn things all over again. Throughout her journey, Aliana realizes that although she mis ...

Falling for my Bestie's Brother

Liam Carlton is a professional baseball player. My best friend’s twin brother. And an arrogant playboy I can’t stand. A weeklong vacation at the Hamptons with my best friend was supposed to be a good time. I can assure you playing Liam’s fake girlfriend sure wasn’t. Sharing the same bedroom wouldn’t be that bad if the arguing and chemistry wasn’t so real. But after an awful turn of ev ...

Category Romance Steamy
*more than a footnote: Women neglected by history

Throughout recorded history, and before - women have been there. Many have been leaders, innovators, and the foundation for the evolution of modern society as we know it now. Often their stories have been overlooked, diminished, or hijacked to someone else's resume.

This book is a celebration of a few of the female geniuses,...

Category Non-Fiction
3 Women, 3 Events, 3 Results (Life is Not Always Kind to Us Series box set)

This is a box set and includes three women's studies books from Life is Not Always Kind to Us Series: The Retreat The Journey my name is Tookie It is dedicated to women everywhere who have had a rough, tough life in the hope that these particular stories will inspire and uplift. These three stories are about three unique women, the difficulties they each faced, and the changes that happened f ...

Category Womens Fiction
Murder on Bainbridge Island

A murdered guest at her first catering event? Definitely not good for DeeDee’s fledgling business. So much for post-divorce new beginnings. When Lisa, a well-known Seattle art gallery owner, is murdered at the event, shock waves ripple through the local Seattle art community. The following day, newspaper reports indicate the cause of death might have been poison in the food DeeDee served. She has ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
A Model Bride: Faith-filled sweet and clean New Year's Eve romance in Scotland and London

Her plans for her Europe trip didn’t include falling in love! When Tiffany Gallagher flies to London to spend the holidays with her family, volunteering at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day isn’t part of her plan. Nor is having to travel to Edinburgh with Mac, the grump and cynical wounded Scottish photojournalist also volunteering at the shelter, to get the New Year's Eve she'd dreamed of, a Sc ...

Category Romance Sweet
That Was Then

How much chance was really involved in second chances, or was fate just having a bit of fun?

I worked hard to move up the career ladder - even if it was for my ex-boyfriend's family-owned and bloated international corporation. They'd never find out about me working for them, right? Maybe I should move on, now that I had some experien ...

Category Romance Steamy
The Murder House

Every community has a house that people walk by hurriedly, nervously peeking at it out of the corners of their eyes. Bonny Doon is no exception. A bloody double homicide occurred in the Murder House almost twenty years ago and the killer has eluded capture ever since. Recently the house was inherited and the new owner wants to sell. The problem is no one wants to buy a house with a reputation and ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
Charlie One

Chamberlain is everything teenager Charlie Anderson thought it would be when he moved there from the city in 1957—a quaint and cozy upstate New York town where time moves slowly. But that’s all about to change. Charlie finds his elderly and wealthy newspaper customer, Mr. Grazione, on the brink of death. Just before he passes, he shares a secret with Charlie. Grazione was part of a group of at ...

Category Science Fiction
British Crime With an American Twist (3 Book Series)

From Book 1: What a great murder mystery plot! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Fantastic book. Sudden twists that will leave you totally surprised. Loved it! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Would you save your daughters killer?

When Evie Butterworth faces every parents nightmare, the death of her daughter, the police are brought in to determine whether it was murder or manslaughter.

Hea ...

Forbidden Daddy's Secret Baby: An Age Gap Boss Romance

He's my new boss, my best friend’s father… and now, he's my baby's daddy. I secretly ran away from my family to start a new life. I traveled to the last place anyone would look for me, to live and work with my best friend’s father, Alexander. He's a heartthrob, who has a better body than men half his age. It's hard not to be attracted to him. Working as his personal secretary, I tried t ...

Category Romance
Dollars or Death

A popular TV game show is filming in The Sisters, and everyone wants their chance to win instant cash on Dollars or Death. The final rounds are called Sudden Death but for one unlucky player, it’s not just sudden. It’s final. That’s not the only chaos taking place in Madison deCordova’s life. In a Pinch Professional Services is temping at 3 G Fun Station in Riverton, and someone isn’t playing by ...

Category Kindle Unlimited
Still Life in Brunswick Stew

DELIGHTFULLY SOUTHERN, SURPRISINGLY EDGY, DELICIOUSLY UNPREDICTABLE “Cherry Tucker finds trouble without even looking for it, and plenty of it finds her in Still Life in Brunswick Stew…this mystery keeps you laughing and guessing from the first page to the last. A whole-hearted five stars.” – Denise Grover Swank, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Cherry Tucke ...

Category Mystery-Cozy

When you ask a god for favors, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. Josef Magarac was a brave man, a strong man, a hard-working immigrant who only wanted a better life for his family. Instead he got a bloodbath. From the bloody steel mill strikes of Pennsylvania rose a true man of steel, a steelworker transformed into something more by the power of the Old Gods. Now Joe Mack is in ...

Slightly Sweaty

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Wall Street Journal & USA TODAY Best-Selling Author, Amy Vansant---for fans of Bridget Jones, Jennifer Crusie and Sophie Kinsella.

Before Emily and Sebastian can celebrate their new relationship, they’re recruited to star in a local reality competition... Where Sebastian’s hungry ex, Greta, plans to ...

Category Romance Sweet
Isaiah Light and the Sea of Darkness

For readers who can't get enough of thrillers and suspense, with a Christian twist, Sea of Darkness will have you hooked from the first page. It's 1962, and Isaiah and Rebecca Light have built a small, yet steadily growing church in the North Florida area, living a quiet life devoted to worshiping God. But their lives are changed forever when Isaiah's father, Michael, passes down the family Bib ...

Category Christian
Mistletoe @ Christmas Tree Lodge

When Sophie’s Europe plans are cancelled, she pivots to a job as activity director at Christmas Tree Lodge. The same lodge where she was proposed to three years earlier. To a guy who dumped her in a text! Enter Sam who is there with his four-year-old daughter Can they get past their hurts and start anew?

Category Romance Sweet
Christmas at Dumpster Corral

When Noel Dupree’s mother passes away from a sudden illness, she inherits the family home and their much-loved florist business. While still in mourning, her unscrupulous father resurfaces after many years’ absence and finds a way to undermine her mother’s will. Without regard for Noel’s welfare, he claims everything is rightly his, and the family lawyer can’t produce documents to prove otherwi ...

Category Romance
Revenge is a Dish Best Served With Eggnog: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery

In the quaint, twinkling town of Christmas Hills, Destiny Mellowes is just about finished with wrapping the last present of the day. When a charming stranger named Carson walks into the modest gift shop owned by her parents and asks for directions to the nearby resort, Destiny has no idea her holiday plans are about to unravel faster than a poorly knitted ugly Christmas sweater. Her cat Velvet, ...

Category Mystery-Cozy
Secret Baby With Daddy's Best Friend

He's not just any tycoon—he's my father's closest friend, an ex-Navy SEAL with an unyielding resolve. Four years ago, a single night altered everything. I let my guard down and surrendered to him, allowing him to claim my innocence and leaving me with a secret I couldn't bear to reveal. Pregnant and overwhelmed, I walked away, determined to shield my father from the truth. Now, destiny has ...

Category Romance Steamy
The Last Hope of Lockdown

They came for his family. Now, they’re after him.

Zac is on the run and there’s nowhere to hide. The streets aren’t safe and he can’t evade the Quarantine Agency forever.

Still, he made a promise he intends to keep. Just how hard can it be to get across town during lockdown? And what will happen if he succeeds?

One thing’s for sure: Zac wants answers. Bu ...

Category Young Adult