Mailing List Builder



  • Your book does NOT have to be free or discounted.
  • Bonus! You'll get a free Book Fair coupon for selling/promoting ANY free, 99c or KU books (Bonus! Not required).
  • Averages 300-1000+ reader emails.
  • ALL events support Amazon-Only & WIDE authors.
  • Bonus!  PROMOTE the giveaway to your current mailing list, social media, etc., sometime during the week-long event. All participating authors (and AXP) do this so we ALL benefit.  You'll get a FREE listing in the AuthorsXP newsletter and $5 off anything for promoting!
  • You only gift THREE winners an eBook at the end.
  • AXP sends you the full entrant email list to import into your newsletter mailing list program of choice!
  • Want a Private Mailing List Builder? AXP can create CUSTOM mailing list builder giveaways for author groups, author friends, anthology groups, etc. Custom events can be huge, last a month or more, and include Facebook advertising integration... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • ALL events cater to both WIDE and Amazon-only authors.
  • Multi-Genre events (like 'fill your reader' and holiday) include the ability for entrants to note what genres they prefer. You can use all or part of the list - up to you. Great for books that don't fit in the usual genres.
  • Authors gift three (3) ebooks at the end of the event to three winners.
  • Your book does NOT have to be free for the event (but you can post free, 99c and KU books for free in the corresponding Book Fair. Up to you.).
  • Considering the CHRISTMAS IN JULY event? Get $5 off THIS mailing list builder PLUS get the month long builder - GET IT HERE.

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