Fresh Friday


Announce your new release for $10!


  1. FRESH FRIDAY launches the FIRST FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH & runs all month.

  2. Your book will be featured in the FRESH FRIDAY mailing sent to ALL AXP's 100k+ readers and on the page of new releases promoted ALL MONTH. 

  3. Your book does NOT have to be on sale but should have been released in the last three months. If it is on sale, you can note the dates on your book's listing in the AXP Library! 

  4. You'll need to add your book to the AXP Library where you'll be able to use it for this and other marketing opportunities - never fill out tedious marketing forms again! 

What do you have to do?

  1. Have/Add your book in the AXP Library. ADD YOUR BOOK
  2. Fill out the form below to sign up and pay
  3. Make sure your books' information is correct and you've noted when (if) your book is for sale in the sale fields  EDIT BOOKS
  4. Sharing information for the event is here. I'll update this each month and remind you to share in your newsletter and/or social media - you can share any time during the month. The more we all share, the more it helps everyone!


Only books registered in the AXP Library can be submitted. Don't see your book in the "Choose Previous Book" list below? Click ADD BOOK to add it, and it will be available for use now and in the future for Book Fair, First Day Free, Fresh Friday and other events!

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