Road Trip Rescue

Twelve-year-old Kimmy trusts dogs more than people. After all, her dog Bo never made fun of her for having one hand. But two years ago, Bo disappeared. When Kimmy stumbles across a magazine photo of a dog in upstate New York that looks just like Bo, she knows she has to find him. Her parents seem oddly unsupportive, but pink-haired, adventure-hungry Aunt Skylar agrees to a road trip with a s ...

The Widow's Dilemma

An inspirational romance novella set in 1800s Wyoming: Clay is determined to watch over Emma—and prevent her from giving in to an offer from a neighboring cattle rancher. Will God lead them toward a chance at love? In an effort to escape the pain of her past, Emma Jones answered an advertisement to become a mail order bride. When she became Adam’s wife, she never imagined that she would be widowed ...

Song of Sugar Sands

Peter O'Neil, handsome, kind, and charismatic, wants to share the good news about his savior with the world, Acadia just wants to have a good time, and be loved by Peter; and she makes mistakes along the way. Can she reach deep enough inside herself to save their relationship, or is too late already?