Well over 1100 downloads off that one ad with you. In terms of exposure, that $10 was well worth it!

– Sharon E. Buck


I am another success story for the FIRST DAY FREE promo. Perishables jumped to #1 in one category, #2 in another, and #220 in Literature & Fiction overall. Another of my books did almost as well across its genres also, and each of them have already picked up new ratings on Amazon. Thanks!

– Michael Williams


I saw a real spike on my freebie day I booked last month. I only used your promo plus my usual social media and saw nearly 900 downloads that day.

– Rachel DeLune

First Day Free & Lead Magnet FREE Book Promotion

Promote Free Books/Lead Magnets with AXP's
First Day Free & Lead Magnet Showcase Promotions

AuthorsXP is your source for new readers!


First Day Free is a one-day mailing (first day of the month) best suited for people who can only make a book free for one day or a few days. First Day pushes your free book with AXP readers ONE day with a sense of limited-time urgency. You can use links to Amazon, Bookfunnel, or wherever the book can be claimed for free.

The Lead Magnet Showcase is a page that is live on the AuthorsXP site ALWAYS. This is the best option for perma-free books or lead magnet books that are always free (or that can be made free for at least a full month.) AXP pushes this page so you get a steady stream of people claiming your book over time. This is your own lead magnet with constant promotion! You can use links to Amazon, Bookfunnel or wherever the book can be claimed for free. You can run it for a month or a year!


OPTION ONE: First Day Free

Promote a free book on one exciting day - an urgent call to readers!

freedownloadsFIRST DAY FREE FAQ:

  2. Your book will be featured in the FREE BOOK DAY mailing sent to ALL AXP's 100k+ readers
  3. The event has a built-in sense of urgency to spur readers to download ASAP - the page will only be live for 1 day!
  4. Because the event is one day, you only need to use ONE Amazon "free day" of your 5 per quarter!
  5. Participate one month, participate every month - that's up to you!

OPTION TWO: Lead Magnet Showcase/PermaFree Page


You can't get new fans unless they know you exist, and these days, getting eyeballs on your books is getting harder and harder. To that end, I'm setting up a PERMANENT PAGE of PERMANENTLY FREE books that AuthorXP's ever-growing list of users will be regularly encouraged to explore!


  1. Your book will be featured in the FIND NEW FAVORITES FOR FREE page and a monthly mailing sent to ALL AXP's 100k+ readers
  2. Fantastic for driving readers to your lead magnet - readers find new favorites - you find new fans!
  3. Participate one month, six months, a whole year... that's up to you!
  4. The book you promote on this page will be pulled from the AuthorsXP library, so you can use as many or as few links as you want.
  5. You CAN use Bookfunnel and your website links to get people to sign up for your book by giving you their email.

What do you have to do to participate in either or both? Not much!

  1. Have/Add your book in the AXP Library and be sure your info/links are correct. ADD YOUR BOOK | EDIT A BOOK
  2. Fill out the form below to sign up.
  3. Remember to set your book to FREE!
  4. Sharing information for the event is here. I'll update this information monthly and remind you to share it in your newsletter and/or social media. The more we all share, the more it helps everyone!


NOTE: Only books registered in the AXP Library can be submitted. Don't see your book in the "Choose Previous Book" list below? Click ADD BOOK to add it, and it will be available for use now and in the future for Book Fair, First Day Free, Fresh Friday and other events!

Add a Book to the AXP Library

FOR FIRST DAY FREE: Pick the month(s) you'd like to join. This is a ONE DAY super promotion of free books to our entire reader list. (Your book must be free ONE DAY - the 1st of your chosen month(s))

Want to promote a PERMAFREE book? Put your free book on the "Find New Favorites for Free" page to drive readers to your lead magnet!

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