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On the fence about something you're writing? 

Wish you could bounce two cover possibilities off of thousands of readers?

Just looking for an excuse to bump your free downloads during an Amazon freebee promo?

With POLL service, you can poll thousands of readers about whatever you like!

How to Use this Opportunity...

1. Answering Questions

It can be used to poll/survey readers if you have a conundrum. So, if you can't decide between two cover ideas...or just want to see if people like one...or want to know how much cursing people can deal with...curious about a plot point that makes you worry, etc.

Poll AXP's readers about:

  • Reading habits
  • Cover styles and A/B examples
  • Plot line ideas
  • Their various preferences
  • Character quirks
  • Use of sex and/or profanity
  • What they'd like in return for joining your newsletter
  • Or just use this service as a thinly veiled way to get free downloads on Amazon during a freebee promotion!

2. Increase Free Downloads During Amazon Freebee Promos:

You can double whammy asking a poll, etc, by making your free gift to all poll takers a link to your free download on Amazon.

In short, you can work the system anyway you like...align it with your other promotions, etc. As long as the readers get something for their troubles!


Gifts help inspire people if you'd like to offer one. They can include:

1. A free download for all respondents. (FREE DOWNLOAD may coinside with a promotion you're running on Amazon/other outlets - i.e. You run a poll, after the poll you send the respondents an email with a link to your book which is free on Amazon.)

2. A drawing for a print copy(s).

3. A drawing for free copies of a single ebook.

4. Actual gifts, such as Amazon gift certificates.

What you get: 

  • All answers in a spreadsheet
  • Emails of all respondents
  • Answers to up to three questions. (Questions may have up to 3 subparts)
  • Questions can be multiple choice or you can request text answers!
  • A boost of downloads if you're running a free promotion on Amazon
  • Spotlight of you and your work on the poll page

Why this is great:

  • You can stop polling your small group of friends/author groups and reach hundreds if not thousand of readers for valuable input.
  • Boost free downloads on promotion days
  • Grow your newsletter list.
  • Introduce yourself and your work to people taking the poll.
  • Open a dialog between yourself and future fans!