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...Also wanted to tell you the Beta Readers were fabulous!! Met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you. --- Nora LeDuc

Beta Reader Program

Need Beta Readers for your work-in-progress?

We've collected a dedicated group of avid readers eager to beta read your newest masterpiece. Let us find you a "love match!" We'll match you with readers who appreciate your genre.

Just fill out the form and we'll find you 3-50 readers (depends on genre/interest). If you only get a few (rare) and you're unhappy with them, I'll get you more.

Why use a beta reader?

Every author knows there comes a point when you just can't re-read your own book anymore. We're too close to the story - sometimes we can't see obvious plot holes or forgotten promises or other problems because the answers are in our heads! 

Beta readers represent your future audience and can tell you about problems they had enjoying or understanding your story before you take your book to market and have scores of people tell you about these problems by way of bad reviews. 

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