I feel like you've given tremendous advice and encouragement and I'm very pleased!

– Bella Street


Amy’s help launching my latest book allowed me not only to hit high on the Amazon charts, but, more importantly, gave me the confidence and knowledge to create and manage effective launches in the future under my own sail. She was there to answer every question and helped every step of the way with advice and suggestions personalized for me and my books. I highly recommend her Author Support Program.

– Marcus Cootsona


I so wish I had signed up with you at the very beginning of my first book being published. I paid three thousand dollars for courses --- all of which are great but who has the time for all that studying? If I'd just spent that with your site I would be in author heaven now

– VL


You did the hard part - you wrote the book. But now it's time to market those books and there's SO MUCH to know and do...it can be overwhelming.

  • Don't get ripped off by "publishers" promising you the moon.
  • Don't throw money at bad promotion sites.
  • Don't slowly collect valuable marketing information over the course of years. Make all the right moves the first time.

Get personalized help & handholding from Amy Vansant, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Amy started AuthorsXP.com to help authors - let her consider your special marketing needs, provide personalized tips and tricks, and help you plan for your launch, specific to your goals, book and genre.

Get years of knowledge, gift-wrapped. (metaphorically speaking - ribbons not included). PLUS! You also get marketing for your book on AuthorsXP.com.

PERSONAL ADVICE & HELP - Coach OnCall: $100 per hour

Every day authors contact me in need of help with everything from advice regarding bad publisher contracts to promotion and advertising. Author Angel OnCall is an affordable way to make sure everyone who needs help gets it! 

Get ONE HOUR of consult time, during which you can ask a veteran, bestselling indie author (me!) about anything that has you in a tizzy or tears. (Email only. I despise phones and video chat... :) )

Get yourself organized and back on track! Get tips, advice and help with:

  • Book marketing on promotion sites
  • Launching your new title
  • Facebook ads
  • Amazon ads
  • Street teams
  • Reviews
  • Indie vs. publishers, wide vs. Amazon only, etc.
  • Websites
  • Mailing List Sending Programs

Only have one question? Don't need me now but know you will soon and don't want to miss the coupon? Your time with me is good for FOREVER, so use it (or the rest of it) later!


I'll go over everything you need to know to make sure you're using your personal author newsletter effectively. Topics covered include:

  1. free programs you can use to send out your emails to avoid email fees
  2. how to add new readers to your list without getting your account frozen
  3. effective mailing techniques
  4. ideas for content
  5. tricks to make your list more powerful

And much more - Includes plenty of time for asking any and all questions you might have!


Get your world in order and put your best face forward for every reader!

  1. how (and where) to create an author logo
  2. how to create effective book covers
  3. how to find content your newsletter subscribers will find interesting
  4. ideas for personalized content
  5. personalized attention to help YOU (not generalized info!)

And much more - Includes plenty of time for asking any and all questions you might have!

LEARN THE MARKETING ROPES: $500 (order below)

Includes marketing promotion for your book:

  • Daily Deal Newsletter inclusion
  • Get Reviewers
  • Dedicated Marketing Mailing to AuthorsXP readers featuring your new book/series
  • Personal launch recommendations and to-do checklists
  • Marketing best-practices lists and hand-holding - Amy's here to answer your questions and navigate the tricky world of independent publishing!

NEW AUTHOR LAUNCH PACKAGE: $500 (order below)

Get all the things you need to be sure your first book is set up to win and then be able to do it right again and again as you write more books! Don't write a book and then flounder!

I'll help you with:

  • Writing your book's blurb
  • Targeting your book's audience and finding other books in your genre you should be emulating
  • Keyword research and development for your Amazon listing (including tricks to make them more powerful)
  • Category selection and help getting your book listed in ten categories on Amazon
  • Developing a marketing plan for the upcoming six months (that you can copy going forward!)

Already have some books published? That's okay, you can retroactively perfect them!

"LIFETIME" COACH PACKAGE: $1000 - (order below)

All of the above, plus much more! Amy will create a personalized launch plan for you and help you put it into action. She'll walk you through everything you need to know as a beginning author to give you a huge leg up and get you rolling without learning by reading a bunch of books and failing until you get it.

Additional tips, advice and personal consultation including: 

  • Shooting for bestseller status
  • Setting up your books on Amazon KDP
  • Help finding cover designers and editors
  • Pre-order or not to preorder
  • Tilting the scales in your favor with Amazon algorithms
  • Tips for setting up Bookbub, Facebook and Amazon ads & graphics
  • Valuable TO-DO list so you don't miss opportunities
  • Cover review and suggestions
  • Blurb Review/Writing
  • My personal list of other promotional sites and when and how to use them

Hours of private consultation and personalized help, plus marketing. This isn't generalized marketing, this is a real person answering your unique questions and offering customized assistance for your situation.

QuestionsJust ask!

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