I just want to say, HOLY SMOKES! you've got some seriously passionate readers and listeners in your database! Some finished and reviewed within three days (I didn't even get a chance to send the follow-up email). Also, I'm using the most stringent willpower right now not to sign up for ALL your amazing author services!! But these reviewers are keeping me busy enough at the mo. I will definitely be in touch again after this amazing hullabaloo settles down again.

– Emma Lombard


Between the Street team and the Elite Readers I've sent out 65 ARC's in two days. Already got one review. LOL I'll be singing the praises of authorxp forever! --Joshua C. Cook

– Joshua C. Cook


A quick thank you - I've never worked with anyone so quick when it's come to reviews! Honestly, you're a star... it's brilliant to connect with readers.

– Emily


Thank you so much for this awesome service, I've got loads of new reviews through your site :)

– H

AXP Read & Review - One-Stop Permanent Solution for Reviews

In short, AXP Review is a "dating service" between readers and authors. These are real people, not employees. These are not paid reviewers (that would be against Amazon TOS). 

Your book will be promoted to readers, and you'll get reader emails so you can ask them for reviews any time in the future, too!

That means you can use the service:

  • To find ARC readers
  • To find reviewers for live books
  • To build a review team to use in the future

Never search for reviewers again! What a weight off your shoulders!

What you'll get:

  1. Your book will be added to the review database and regularly promoted to readers. It will remain there until you have at least five recorded reviews.
  2. Your book will be included in an exclusive email asking readers to join your review team.
  3. You'll receive the email of everyone who signs up so you can tap into these readers every time you have a new release! 
  4. Your book will also be emailed to our audio review list if you add a request for audio reviewers.
  5. You can also opt to be mailed to our list of beta readers.
  6. You'll expose your books to more readers and possibly get more fans
  7. Great for getting "minimum reviews" required by promotion sites for new books

More FAQ at the bottom of the page...or sign up below!

Only books registered in the AXP Library can be submitted. Don't see your book in the "Choose Previous Book" list below? Click ADD BOOK to add it, and it will be available for use now and in the future for Book Fair, First Day Free, Fresh Friday and other events!

Add Book

Payment Information



What Will I Have to Do?

  1. Add your book to the AXP Library so I can activate it for reviewers. https://authorsxp.com/add-my-book/add
  2. In the library, add a file(s) or link(s) for readers to get your book for free.
  3. When you receive notice of a request, you can respond to them any way you like. They will be sent a link to their dashboard to download your book though, so you don't have to send them the file. 
  4. You can trigger a "did you get my book?" mailing from your ELITE REVIEWER DASHBOARD if you think your emails aren't getting through. https://authorsxp.com/sadmin/eliteauthor_dashboard.php 

Anything Else I Should Know?

  • There is no guarantee reviews received will be good. These are honest reviews by real people. But since you can talk to the reviewers directly, you can politely request that if they don't like your book, please don't review.
  • While you can ask if a reader is in the Amazon KU program and if they'd be willing to read the book through that, authors may NOT require or ask reviewers to BUY their book. Sales are not the point of this program. Readers DO report such actions to me and authors will be removed from the program for this.
  • Any book is eligible, though AXP reserves the right to refuse a book.
  • If you don't receive at least 5 reviews through the Elite Readers, we'll run your book again and get you more reviewers. If for some reason you still aren't having any luck you'll be refunded for the missing reviews. This rarely happens but some books are tougher than others!
  • You can delete the book from where you uploaded it for readers at any time, but DO let me know you did it so I can remove you from the list of books available to request.
  • Books generally get between 15-100 requests the first time they are posted. (depending on genre) But a request isn't a download - so you need to leave it available because it might be a while before people get a chance to download it and read it. If you only get like 20 requests, I might send out another notice, because it takes about 30-40 requests to end up with the minimum 5 reviews. (Real people aren't always the most reliable people! :) )

Amazons Review Guidelines (10/3/22) state:

Authors and publishers can continue to give readers free or discounted copies of their books if they don't require a review in exchange or try to influence the review. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=14279631 

That means you can still give away free copies in the HOPES of getting reviews, but you can't give away free copies "in exchange for a review."

Can I give free books to reviewers using the AuthorsXP downloading system if my book is in Kindle Unlimited (KDP Select)?

Amazon is a tad vague in this area. You can find all kinds of quotes on websites from other people---some authors report they were told directly by Amazon employees that it was fine to give out review copies while in KDP Select --- there are cut and copied quotes from past iterations of Amazon's site  that imply it is okay if the book is shared by email and for the purposed of 'improving or proofreading ...'

If you want to be safe, don't use an automatic free download service for reviewers if you are ALREADY PUBLISHED IN KDP Select. But you CAN gift your book to reviewers through Amazon. Since you get 70% back, it only costs you a fraction of the cost in the end. Just use this button on your book's page. This will also make the reviews you get verified!

You can also use your KDP FREE DAYS. We'll send you the email addresses of the readers who want to review your book, and you can let them know the date the book will be available for free on Amazon and ask them to download it then!