Best Historical Women's Fiction

best historical womens fiction

Historical fiction is a genre of fiction set in a past era. It can be about any period from the Stone Age to the present day, though most historical women's fiction concentrates on more "glamorous" periods of time than caveman days! Think women in big swishy dresses... or World War period garb.

No matter what the dress or time period, historical women's fiction authors explore the social and cultural climate of a particular time period, as well as that time period’s customs and norms, to examine female lives and perspectives that are otherwise not given much attention in history books.

This genre has been dominated by women writers who not only saw it as an opportunity to explore other cultures but also as a way to challenge conventional gender roles.

The earliest writers were often aristocrats who were looking for something new to read. They would then share their newfound love for this genre with their servants, who would then pass it on to other servants, which led to its popularity.

If you're a fan of deeply moving, sweeping sagas about strong women from other times, this is your genre!



Historical Women's Fiction

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