Best Contemporary Women's Fiction

best contemporary womens fiction

Contemporary Women's Fiction is a genre of literature that has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few decades. It is usually characterized by a focus on the lives of women and their relationships with other women, as well as their relationships with men. The writing style often features a first-person narrator who is usually female, and the narrative can be both humorous and dramatic.

The protagonist is usually a woman who is in a difficult situation and needs to find her way out. The protagonist may be dealing with an abusive relationship, or she may be trying to find herself after being uprooted from her home. 

Contemporary women's fiction novels are written by both men and women. They deal with topics like marriage, divorce, family life, infertility, and more. The novels often explore these topics through the lives of female characters who are somehow different from those in other genres of literature.

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Contemporary Women's Fiction

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