Best Romantic Comedy Mysteries

romantic comedy mysteries

Romantic Comedy Mysteries are a genre of books that combine the elements of a mystery novel with those of a romantic comedy.

In these books, the protagonist is usually a woman who is an amateur detective and who has few romantic prospects. There is usually a love interest for her to pursue as well as an antagonist who is trying to thwart her investigation...and her love life!

The genre is usually defined by a balance of suspenseful plot twists with romantic developments and was established in the late 1930s with the publication of "The Thin Man" by Dashiell Hammett.  The genre is typically set in a world where there are no murders or crimes. These novels are usually set in small towns, and they often involve a murder mystery, suspense, and humor.

These books are often written by women authors who write both for male and female readers. The genre is popular with both men and women because it has romance, humor, suspenseful plots. They are usually lighthearted, with the focus on the mystery and not heavy on the romance.

Romantic Comedy Mysteries

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