Best Paranormal Romantic Suspense




It might have been gothic romances like Rebecca that planted the seed for future paranormal romances...Anne Rice and her vampires helped quite a bit. But Paranormal Romantic Suspense books have come a long way since vampires, as readers pine for all sorts of ghostly and supernatural lovers in books that range from sweet romances to steamy reads. 

One thing the best paranormal romantic suspense books have in common is a mysterious and usually dark plot. There are problems to overcome, of course, when the otherworldly decided to mingle with regular humans. Sometimes the troubles are tenfold because everyone is from another world, as fae and werewolves flirt with vampires and other creatures of the night. 

If you like your romantic suspense books to include a touch of the supernatural, be sure to check out these reads!


Best Paranormal Romantic Suspense

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