Best WWII Historic Romance Novels

best WW2 RomanceWorld War 2 Historical Romances are a genre of fiction that explores a romantic relationship during the second world war, following people in love, who have to deal with the horrors of what is going on around them. Because of the emotional pull of the relationships involved, World War 2 historical romances can make history come alive for readers, opening new worlds and experiences they might not otherwise get to experience. The loss of lives can never be forgotten, but it can be possible to remember them through fictional romances.

These books are both an escape from reality and a reminder of the great tragedy in history.  In the late 1930s, World War II had just begun. In that time, men were fighting to protect their country and women were left at home tending to the housework and raising children. The war was a distant reality for many women, but the news of death and destruction would soon reach them.

The first book of this genre was written by a New Zealand author called Christina Stead in 1943 about an Australian widow who falls in love with a British soldier. These novels were not always as successful as they are today because they were often seen as frivolous wastes of paper according to governments that imposed wartime austerity measures throughout Europe as well as England, Australia, Canada and America.

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World War Two Romances

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