Best Christmas Crime Books


christmas_crime_books.jpgChristmas is a special time of year, and curling up with a Christmas crime novel is the perfect way to escape holiday stress. With the holidays comes the stress of cooking large meals and shopping in crowds of people. For those that need an end-of-the-day reset, a Christmas crime novel is perfect for curling up before bed to wind down.

When you feel murderous about the crowds around you, maybe better to read about revenge?! 

Whether a murder mystery or true crime, Christmas crime novels give you the shivers and make you forget your problems.

If you need a boost in the morning, pick up a Christmas crime novel to get your blood moving. Expect to find holiday-themed crimes such as theft of donations and gifts, murders of Santa or his elves, vandalizing decorations, and humbugs causing general mayhem.

On the other side of the coin, a sleuth always takes on the case, determined to restore the holiday cheer.  Be it police and detectives, private eyes, or a concerned citizen, the Christmas crime is revealed, and the perpetrators pay the price for the crimes they committed so Christmas can return to its idyllic and magical state.

guardians      RighteousAssassin 

Best Christmas Crime Mystery Books

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