Best Christmas Cozy Mysteries




Very few genres fit the holiday season better than Christmas cozy mysteries, It's even in the name, cozy — brings to mind curling by a roaring fire on a winter's night with a good book and a cup of tea — all of which are cozy mystery tropes. Throw in a cat or dog curled at your feet and you've completed the picture.

Cozy mysteries often take place in an idealized world where no one curses, people are murdered (often comically, or with no real evidence of pain or tragedy) and any romance takes place behind closed doors —  if it takes place at all. Really, if we all lived in a cozy mystery, things might be sweet for a little while, but then we'd all die off from lack of procreation! (that is, if you weren't killed by a poisoned fruit cake first).

But are the Christmas holidays ever really cozy? If you're feeling that creeping dread of dicey family political conversations, or perfect-turkey-cooking pressure, or getting yourself trampled at superstores, pick up one of these Christmas cozy mysteries.

Enjoy a Christimas cozy mystery and the worst thing that might happen is Santa gets bumped off, or elves go missing, or someone no one liked anyway falls face-first into a platter of figgy pudding. 

You might even find a great recipe in one or two in them!


Best Christmas Cozy Mystery Books

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