Best Florida Mystery Books

best florida mystery booksFlorida has a long history of being... well... let's just say different. It could be the heat, it could be the humidity, the bugs, the jungles, the wildlife willing and able to kill you... It could be the jumble of people, from those born in Florida to those from the Northeast escaping to tropical climes in the winter every year. Whatever it is, it makes Florida a great place to set mysteries.

Few states have as many amazing mystery sources to draw from... sure, you might think of beaches and Disney World, but don't forget the illustrious history of drug trafficking and dumping bodies in the everglades. Leave someone there and if the gators don't get them, the pythons will. Throw in how close Cuba sits from the tip of Miami (90 miles, to be exact) and you can add international intrigue to the mix. 

Florida mystery books rank among some of the best mysteries ever written, including the classic Travis McGee series and just about anything by Carl Hiaasen. If you like your mysteries with a little sweaty intrigue, pick up one of the Florida Mysteries below and dive right into a book guaranteed to be as amusing as it is baffling!

Best Florida Mysteries

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