Best Romantic Cozy Mysteries


Romantic cozy mystery novels are usually set in the present day and feature a single woman protagonist who solves a mystery. The protagonist is usually an amateur sleuth or has some other occupation such as a librarian, secretary, or nurse. The books are typically set in small towns or villages and the protagonist often has some kind of personal dilemma that she overcomes as part of solving the mystery.

Romantic Cozy Mysteries are a subgenre of the mystery genre that is typically characterized by a small-town setting, a romance between the lead characters and an amateur sleuth who solves crimes. The heroine is usually intelligent, independent, and resourceful. The hero is typically someone who has had some kind of dark past or who has a mystery to solve. The story revolves around the two main characters and their relationship as they solve crimes together.

Romantic cozy mysteries are a great place to escape the troubles of the real world! The atmosphere is pleasant, welcoming, and comfortable. The romantic cozy mystery itself is light on gore and violence so you can solve a mystery and enjoy a gentle, even-tempered tone and a happy ending.


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Cozy Mysteries with Romance

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