Books like Supernatural: Nevermore by Keith DeCandido

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Supernatural (both the television show and the book series) is packed with ghosts, magic, and paranormal activity. The two lead characters share a strong bond—they'll risk everything to stay together—even if it means fighting things that go bump in the night.

Supernatural's thrilling paranormal mysteries launched the series into legend status. One of the thing that made both the television show and the books so popular was the relationship between the Winchester brothers. The strong connection made them a relatable pair of heroes.  Throwing a bunch of evil monsters at readers is one thing, but when you have relatable and interesting characters, everything is so much better!

What made you love this book?

  • Ghosts
  • Magic & witchcraft
  • Paranormal activity
  • Strong bond relationships

If you're looking for urban fantasy novels like Supernatural: Nevermore and Supernatural the TV show, you'll love these!

Books Like Supernatural

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