Best Dystopian Books


What's the draw of dystopian books? Why would you want to read about a world gone wrong? Well, believe it or not, people discovered the best dystopian books in droves when the pandemic hit. You'd think during such a frightening time people would flock to feel-good books, but sales of titles like cozy mysteries actually went down.  Reading dystopian novels makes people feel better about their own world, because even if things aren't rosy, at least it isn't THAT bad!

In addition, the heroes in the best dystopian novels are usually strong both mentally and physically and make good inspirational characters for our own lives. These are men and women, boys and girls, overcoming what seem like insurmountable odds in an unfair world that has turned on them. Usually, they win in the end—and we get to go with them on their harrowing adventure without having to get our own hands dirty. 

So if you're in the mood to feel a little better about your own world, try one of these dystopian novels and find your situation brilliant in comparison!

Best Dystopian Books

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