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Climate fiction is a genre of literature that deals with climate change and its effects. It often focuses on the future of humanity and other species, as well as the implications of climate change and is sometimes referred to as "Cli-Fi" as it falls under the speculative and science fiction categories.

Climate fiction is becoming more popular because it helps people to understand what is happening in our environment. It also provides a way for readers to explore different ways in which global warming might affect us in the future. It is a genre of speculative fiction that explores the social, political, and environmental consequences of climate change. It has obviously gained traction in popular culture due to media coverage of climate change and environmental disasters such as hurricanes, floods, droughts, wildfires etc.

The most famous example is probably The Day After Tomorrow (2004), where an ice age suddenly strikes the Earth in response to global warming, which was written by American author Allan Eitzen.

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