Best Action-Adventure Mysteries


best action adventure mysteriesMysteries come in all types, from tea-sipping cozies to dark psychological thrillers. Some spend most of their time in the heads of the characters and others are full of action. Action-adventure novels are a specific genre of fiction that has a lot of mystery, adventure, and suspense. They have a hero or heroine who overcomes many difficulties and risks to solve a crime or puzzle.

The protagonist usually has an active character that is the main driver of the story. The protagonist is sometimes an amateur detective who has to solve some crime or puzzle which motivates them to find the culprits.

Action-adventure mystery novels are typically associated with the kind of books written by authors like Agatha Christie, Wilkie Collins, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Some of the most important qualities that readers are looking for in this type of novel are:

  • Plot
  • Suspenseful or mysterious
  • Fast paced

If you like action-adventure mysteries, where there are a lot of car chases, fistfights, gunfights and other explosive scenes, this is our list of best action-adventure mysteries. Each one of these books boasts a ton of heart-pounding excitement to keep you turning the pages! 


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Action Adventure Mysteries

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