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Author Websites & Newsletter Solutions

Need an author website? Need to seriously update the one you have?

Don't struggle with some awful "do it yourself" web site template. Your time is worth MORE than that! 

Amy Vansant (me, the owner of this site) is not only an author and a marketer whose been helping to sell her own books and yours, but I've also owned a web development firm for over 20 years. (

Pros of Having Me Do Your Website

  • I'm a fellow author, so I know what you need.
  • I've been doing this forever so I know what I'm doing --- what works and what doesn't
  • I'm not free like some do-it-yourself sites, but I also won't give you an infuriating website that doesn't do half the things you wish it did and looks terrible.
  • I'm lovely with which to work. :)
  • You can add tons of features, including your own newsletter email collection/emailing system (break away from MailChimp!), photo galleries, online ordering, domain emails (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and more.

Sites are all content management-based, which means you can make the updates yourself going forward if you like, or you can ask me to do it - whatever works with your time and budget.

Sites for authors usually range from $1000-$1500 depending on the size and features you want.


Having MailChimp Woes? Need to Refine How You Send Your Newslsetters?

Tired of paying every time you mail? Tired of not being able to import reader lists you've gathered through promotions? Tired of the restrictions imposed by MailChimp and other third party mailing systems? YOU can control your own email.

In addition to building your site, I can install mailing solutions that will:

  • collect emails from visitors
  • allow you to send newsletters without restrictions
  • design custom newsletter templates

Being in control of your own emailing system gives you the flexibility to grow without restrictions.