99c eBooks Event

Push your 99¢ ebooks to a genre-specific audience!

99¢ eBook Sale FAQ:

You set your book to 99¢ for SEVEN DAYS (the maximum allowed by Kindle Select, for those of you using thatyou CANNOT split Kindle select countdown deals into multiple durations, so you might as well use the full 7!

  • There are dates for each event—each event is devoted to a particular genre.
  • This event will be marked to AXP's readers with a special mailing and inclusion as a daily deal
  • Participating authors are asked to share news of the event with their readers—if everyone shares, everyone sells more! 
  • Have a series with multiple books - you can enter multiple times with different books and/or be in as many events as you like!

So, pretty straightforward - 99c sale made stronger by the participation of all those involved and attractive to readers because they can snag multiple books!



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