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Diane Rapp became an entrepreneur when she started her own dog grooming salon in Santa Barbara, California. She spent the next thirty years as a small business owner; she sold real estate, started an office supply/copy center, and performed free-lance advertising design. During all those years Diane wrote stories as a cure for insomnia.

"The Alphas" is the prequel to “Howl of the Wolf”, book 1 of the Heirs to the Throne trilogy. The novel introduces the dogs and wolves that eventually formed a pack that travels through space to inhabit Drako. The story is also a mystery. The heroine solves the murder of an old friend and discovers why her beloved German Shepherd was stolen.

"Howl of the Wolf" introduces the planet Drako, telepathic wolves, and the crew of the space ship that took sanctuary on a planet that banned technology. In "The Havenshire Resistance", the second book of the series, Queen Krystal's teenage daughters learn to use their special inherited powers. Krystal and her daughters lead an army of Samurai women, telepathic wolves, and commoners to save the kingdom from an evil usurper in a dramatic battle. The third book of the trilogy is "Dragon Defense". The planet is under threat by an Institute battleship. King Donovan must train teenagers to operate forbidden defense technology while his daughters make friends with a flock of wild dragons. Will his crazy defense tactics save the planet from destruction?

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The Alphas: Prequel to Howl of the Wolf with additional content $0.99 for a limited time! Free on Kindle Unlimited!

THE ALPHAS is a prequel to HOWL OF THE WOLF, Heirs to the Throne Trilogy. (Please note this book now includes an additional short story.) The story takes place in modern day on the planet Earth and is a mix of Mystery and Science Fiction. Has your dog ever stared into your eyes, trying to send you a message you can't quite understand? Learn what happens when you finally “get” that message.

What starts off as a perfect day for Carra Taylor, quickly spirals into a terrifying race to solve a deadly mystery. Carra learns that her friend, Frieda, has been murdered and the dogs in Frieda’s kennel are missing. Frieda was the breeder of Carra’s beloved German Shepherd, Kriegen, who was stolen five years before. Now Carra learns that she’s the heir to Frieda's hefty estate and the next target for a group of killers. 

As she searches for clues to Frieda’s murder and a series of dog thefts, Carra and her husband Mike, find themselves on a dangerous journey through Frieda’s past. They uncover painful secrets about the woman and learn about a secret breeding project Frieda initiated over fifteen years earlier. Can two amateur sleuths blast through a web of lies to unravel the truth and rescue endangered wolves? Will they survive against a ruthless company that is determined to exploit helpless animals to complete research that might be worth millions? Carra is faced with decisions that might affect generations of sentient beings.

Howl of the Wolf (Heirs to the Throne Book 1) $0.99 for a limited time. Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Praise for HOWL OF THE WOLF:
“The concept behind ‘Howl Of The Wolf’ is absolutely fascinating. Telepathic wolves have been the dominant sentient life-form on the distant plant of Drako for untold years, and each member of the pack carries within them the voices of their ancestors; many lifetimes of soul and memory on which they may draw. One day, a colonization initiative from Earth brings a strange new creature to the peaceful world – humans. They walk on just two legs and their minds are oddly silent, leading the lupines to conclude that these new arrivals are unintelligent. 

Hundreds of years pass, during which time the human society on Drako descends into feudalism with a hierarchical class system and a deep-seated hatred of technology. The wolves observe, maintaining their distance, until after decades of isolation another space vessel unexpectedly makes planet fall. The crew of the medical ship Zebulon, on the run from the Machiavellian Institute, have been augmented by many spans of transferring their consciousness into new clone bodies, and each of them now possesses superhuman abilities. Will they make telepathic first contact with the wolves? And what of the menacing Institute agent that has secreted himself aboard the Zebulon and means to destroy its crew? The plot thickens deliciously as the ageing King Halder, consumed by anger over the murder of his family, surprises everyone by naming Donovan, captain of the Zebulon, as his successor.

‘Howl Of The Wolf’ is a richly imagined story which leads the reader on a journey through space and time, revealing a wonderful world that Diane lays out for us to play in. Characterization is clear-cut and highly communicative. The flow of the narrative is excellent… Highly recommended.” Review by Xander Richards, Author

The Havenshire Resistance (Heirs to the Throne Book 2) $2.99 Free on Kindle Unlimited!

“The planet Drako is inhabited by space travelers who over time regressed to a feudal society where previous technology is outlawed, until a new generation of human visitors, including a psychopath bent on total domination, change the status quo. Good might triumph over evil, but it is taking years to accomplish within the framework of the existing society. The struggle presents reminders from our history and lessons for the future woven between the lines of this intriguing adventure.” Arleen Alleman, Author

When chaos erupts in the kingdom, Havenshire falls to Krystal’s worst enemy. As queen she must safeguard her precious daughters and devise a plan to rescue her beloved from Jarrack. She forms the "Havenshire Resistance" and initiates an underground black market to finance a ragtag army of Samurai, peasants, and renegades among the gentry. 

Hiding in the safety of the Fire Temple, Krystal waits for her daughters to mature. As the girls near their seventeenth birthday, dreams stimulate their repressed memories, and they are compelled to find each other. It’s a dangerous world for teenage girls. Desert riders roam the countryside to find and capture Krystal’s daughters. The girls travel with trusted guardians and animal friends—a dragon, panther, and hawk—to join forces and learn how to use their special abilities in the upcoming battle. The daughters petition the wolves to join their fight against Jarrack the wolves’ Council of Elders.

Krystal prepares her army to wage a surprise attack against the enemy stronghold that was once her home. A cunning schemer and determined general, Krystal is now a stranger to her own children. Can she win the battle and regain her stolen life? How will her strong will and fortitude fit into the role of queen once the battle is over?

Dragon Defense (Heirs to the Throne Book 3) $2.99 Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Praise for the trilogy:
“In the best traditions of Anne McCaffrey's fantasy books, "Heirs to the Throne" trilogy walks right on the border between Epic Fantasy and Sci-Fi. On one hand, we have advanced technologies like space travel, cloning, mind transfer to artificially created hosts, to name a few. On the other, we have dragons, people with special abilities who can control minds, talk to animals, heal, or even use "speed time"…This book, this trilogy, actually, falls into the "diamond in the rough" category. With no promotional budget behind the series, it's easy to miss even something this epic. So, pick these books up and spread the word - this is a lot of reading bang for the buck. Recommended.” Oleg Medvedkov, Author

Book Description:
When an Institute battleship threatens to destroy the planet, Donovan must wage war without modern weaponry. Before the Zebulon crew escaped from Institute-controlled space twenty years ago, Dr. Alexander deleted crucial records about Transfer from Institute files and hoped they could vanish before the Institute discovered the sabotage. He was wrong! Humiliated by the exodus of the scientists, Fremont won’t rest until he extracts the ultimate revenge. 

Donovan must train new recruits to operate forbidden technology and bored teenagers look like perfect candidates. Is there enough time for feudal lordlings to learn space-age skills and save the planet? In the meantime desert riders target Jarrack’s daughter, Shariel, who inherited his power of mind control. Afraid of becoming evil like her father, she needs to perfect the skill to help her siblings escape from a desert prison. 

The royal princesses face other predicaments. Lauryn travels to a desert stronghold to halt a dangerous radiation leak and falls prey to Salizar, a desert rider eager to marry a princess. Tessa and the wolves capture Jarrack, whose mind dwells inside a vulnerable young son. Can they keep him contained? Brandon, a spoiled lordling wants Felesia as his bride and plots to shanghai Jordan. 

Wild dragons join humans to rescue Shariel. The dragons enjoy giving rides to humans, but will they agree to fight for their new friends? As the clock ticks toward an explosive deadline, humans, dragons, and wolves execute a dramatic confrontation. Courage and ingenuity are the best weapons to prevent disaster and forge a new direction for the backward society. Will Donovan’s “dragon defense” strategy tip the balance in Drako’s favor? Their very survival depends on its success.