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Suzanne writes page-turning contemporary romance, mystery, and women's fiction with passionately gripping characters that stay with readers long after they turn the last page. Pam of Babylon books consistently rank in the Top 100 Best Sellers in American Drama with over 500,000 downloads. 

A retired operating room nurse, Jenkins lives in Southern California. 
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Pam of Babylon - Book #1 in the Best Selling Series!  

If you like romance series with twists and turns, then you'll love the Pam of Babylon Series. When Jack has a heart attack on the train from  Manhattan, Pam and Jack's two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other,in this contemporary romance with a touch of noir.  

In a tale of marriage and betrayal, Pam's friendships and sisterly love are stretched to the limit. At what point does a relationship cross over from abuse to choice? And does forgiveness always come with exceptions?

188 Five Star Reviews!
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Don't You Forget About Me: Pam of Babylon Book #2 Don't You Forget About Me: Pam of Babylon Book #2  kindle unlimited logo $0.99

After a wealthy man of high reputation suffers a heart attack and dies, three women are left to grapple with the aftermath of his death and the twisted details of their past in this riveting fiction novel." Kirkus Review

When Jack dies, his wife and his two lovers discover his secret life... and each other. A gripping story about love and human nature -- a compelling companion to Pam of Babylon.

 In Book #2, Marie, Sandra and Pam discover they share more than Jack's love.Little do the three women know that there is more that ties them to Jack and to each other than meets the eye. As secrets unfold--some deceptive, some deadly--the women are left intimately bound by their past and by a future that can never break free from Jack.

Romance sometimes comes with pain, but in this case, it's guaranteed.

Dream Lover: Pam of Babylon Book #3 Dream Lover: Pam of Babylon Book #3 

 kindle unlimited logo $0.99

A beautiful life at the beach is marred for Pam as Jack's former lovers discover the truth after his death.With dignity and grace, Pam tolerates uninvited guests, as one by one, they come to the beach to see his wife with their own eyes. Pam slowly comes to grips with the truth about Jack. With a broken heart, she cycles through grief, missing him for what she thought they had, but facing that it was a sham. 

Prayers for the Dying: Pam of Babylon Book #4 Prayers for the Dying: Pam of Babylon Book #4 kindle unlimited logo $0.99 

The fourth book in the Pam of Babylon Series, Prayers for the Dying exposes more of what Kirkus Review said about Dream Lover, "A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit." Jack Smith's victims attempt to move forward while grappling with the pain and horror that he left behind. Pam makes a few startling revelations about herself, while Sandra hopes for a future with exciting expectations. Marie is in a most unlikely place, with the happiest news in the bleakest circumstances. Ashton's story of a lifetime love affair with Jack is finally told, with his heartache revealed.

Kirkus Review says about Suzanne Jenkins, "Jenkins writes with a fast-paced, scenic style, pushing the story forward and wasting little time on interior monologue or back story. Perhaps this is one of the best aspects of the novel--a page-turner, the story remains immediate, rarely breaking from forward motion. Jenkins develops characters not by describing them, but by placing them in conflict and context with new people, places and situations...The characters are sympathetic, round and believable; watching them grapple with difficult decisions creates an engaging, dynamic read." Don't You Forget About Me December 2011.

Family Dynamics: Pam of Babylon Book #5 Family Dynamics: Pam of Babylon Book #5  kindle unlimited logo $0.99

Heartbreak and devastation move toward triumph in the fifth installation of the Pam of Babylon stories. Pam is able to overcome the pain of Jack's rejection, and her own role in perpetuating his deviance, when she meets Dan and falls in love.

Her children, Brent and Lisa move on with their lives in ways Pam would have never believed possible, at least on the surface. Sandra fulfills her dreams with Tom, and a gift from Marie helps to complete their life together, for now. Ashton and Ted build a beautiful life, and new discoveries make it richer than they thought possible, but with a twist.

But don't be deceived; what you see is not what you may get. The beloved Pam of Babylon Series continues.

The Tao of Pam: Pam of Babylon Book # 6 The Tao of Pam: Pam of Babylon Book # 6  kindle unlimited logo $0.99

A beautiful life at the beach is marred by secrets and lies as the legacy of Jack Smith's debauchery continues to haunt his widow, Pam. The Tao of Pam finds Pam at a crossroad which will take her to the next phase of her life, offering her choices she didn't want to make. Her children, Brent and Lisa move on, dealing with their own life choices, as one by one, they all come down off their pedestals. The Tao of Pam prepares fans of the Pam of Babylon series for Book Seven....In Memoriam, but you can never be fully prepared.

In Memoriam: Pam of Babylon Book #7 In Memoriam: Pam of Babylon Book #7 kindle unlimited logo $2.99

In Memoriam begins with the birth of a baby boy to Pam's former boyfriend, Dan and daughter, Lisa as the journey of Pam of Babylon continues in this seventh volume. Still reeling from the death of her beloved son Brent, Pam endures life at the beach with remarkable strength.

Sandra tries to balance several versions of her life while striving to be part of the Smith legacy.

Lisa rises above circumstances that would destroy most, with determination.

But don't be too impressed; history does have a way of repeating itself.

Readers love the Pam of Babylon Series!
"A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit," Kirkus Review, Dream Lover April 13, 2012
"Excellent!" Dan Georgakas Editor Cineaste Magazine

Soulmates: Pam of Babylon Book #8 Soulmates: Pam of Babylon Book #8  kindle unlimited logo $2.99

Pam faces new challenges with glamour and poise, while Sandra doesn't disappoint, and Lisa discovers new strengths. "Women's fiction with a touch of noir."

Save the Date: Pam of Babylon Book #9 Save the Date: Pam of Babylon Book #9 kindle unlimited logo $2.99

Pam and John set their wedding date while Sandra and Dan Chua move in together, Grandmothers Bernice and Nelda fall in love, not with each other, Lisa and Cara meet new men, while Jack becomes a distant memory. Hopefully, he'll stay that way.

I'll Always Love You: Pam of Babylon Book # 10 I'll Always Love You: Pam of Babylon Book # 10  kindle unlimited logo $2.99 

The women; Bernice, Nelda, Pam, Lisa, Violet, Cara and little Miranda rise up in power in this tale of triumph and love, #10 in the series.

"I'll Always Love You contains the most poignant explanation to a young child of the meaning of being HIV positive. A well researched, accurate description of living with the AIDS virus, and the consequences of ignoring it." Amazon Reviewer

Beach Spirits: Pam of Babylon Book #11 Beach Spirits: Pam of Babylon Book #11 kindle unlimited logo $2.99

The cycle of drama continues with lows to fabulous highs and back to lows again. Pam of Babylon, the well loved series, continues with Book #11. After a horrifying start, Sandra is the only character who seems to be in control, but that might be a smokescreen. Pam starts out on shaky ground, but soars to new heights! Lisa and Cara add zest to their romance, a few new men come on the scene, and an observer notes they are all just one, big happy family.

South Shore Romance: Pam of Babylon Book #12 South Shore Romance: Pam of Babylon Book #12  kindle unlimited logo $2.99

At last, with everything aligned perfectly, and her family occupied, Pam finds romance, love, excitement and joy with Senator Charlie Monroe and his rescued Greyhound, Margaret. But swirling around her are the antics of Dan and Julie and their exciting but exasperating relationship, the elders living a riotous life jet-setting between Babylon, Great Neck, and Florida, Alison and Diana spending more and more time with Miranda, Lisa and Ryan Maddox discovering bonds they never thought possible, Sandra finding true love, and last but not least, Sister Mary Joseph, settling in to a life of comfort and privilege at the beach. What could possibly go wrong?

Meet Me at the Beach: Pam of Babylon Book #13 Meet Me at the Beach: Pam of Babylon Book #13  kindle unlimited logo $2.99 

Disappointments and challenges surprise Pam, but when one door closes, another always opens for her. Romance swirls around as friends and neighbors learn that perfect someone is right down the beach. A wedding shakes things up; a discovery is made during the honeymoon, and a love triangle is formed when Lisa opens her heart again. Things seem to be on the right path finally, but as usual, a secret of Jack's is exposed, shaking it up once again.

Pam's Adventures in Babylon: Pam of Babylon Book #14 Pam's Adventures in Babylon: Pam of Babylon Book #14  kindle unlimited logo $2.99

Life at the beach takes on a new twist as Pam embraces the children Jack left behind. The triad of Lisa, Allison, and Ryan grows closer, then further apart when Ryan's lust gets out of control. Even the reappearance of someone from Ryan's past isn't enough to keep him in check.

The rest of the players cope with life as each drama is thrown their way. Discover what Dan and Julie, Cara and Roger, Sandra and Tim, Gladys and Ed, Ted and Jeanie, the Great Neck Gang, Claire Maddox, and the rest are up to. #15 brewing!

Second Chance: Pam of Babylon #15 Second Chance: Pam of Babylon #15 kindle unlimited logo $2.99

Just when life settles down to a dull roar for those people whom Pam holds closest to her heart, the pendulum swings in the opposite direction and everyone is tossed into the air. Who will they hold on to as they fall back to earth?



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