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Willow the Witch from Wichita -  A Barnum Bumblespeak Exclusive Interview

Be part of the viewing audience as the incomparable Barnum Bumblespeak skillfully interviews Willow, the elusive Witch from Wichita, and get a rare glimpse into the life of a real witch, her charming home and odd but lovable friends. Find out what Willow does for a living, and meet Spydear the business-arachnid, Hootnannie the owl who is also a captain of industry, the mouse, Dr. Lee Von Cheese, and other friends, as Willow show us around her lovely castle. You may laugh, you may haw, but you'll surely be stunned! Available in Kindle Unlimited as well as in paperback and hardcover.

Usual Price4.99
Seventh Dimension - The Door, A Young Adult Fantasy

The Door is the first book in the Seventh Dimension Series that combines contemporary, historical, and fantasy elements into a "Christian coming-of-age" story. A curse put on Shale Snyder, because of a secret, shrouds her with insecurity and fear. Following suspension from school, a stray dog befriends her and she follows it into the woods. There she discovers a door that leads to another world....

Author:Lorilyn Roberts
Book Love

“Never again would I be bored. If I had a book, I had a friend. I could read whenever I wanted, and I didn’t even need a wire to plug my book into the wall.” Such is the magical journey into the world of reading a young girl discovers after failing first grade.

Author:Lorilyn Roberts
Usual Price0.99