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Thriller-Mystery-Crime Spotlights

A Cleverly Crafted Comic Thriller Series & a Free eBook


Duane Lindsay

I wrote my first novel in college at the University of Wyoming, played lead guitar in Pinky’s bar as a member of “Suzy Q and the Quad City Ramblers,” Got an English degree, then an engineering degree, worked a lot, got married to Traci (probably the best thing to ever happen), wrote several books with Raymond Dean White, retired recently from said engineering and started writing again.

Now I write cheerfully demented novels about con artists and overweight PIs, play guitar a lot (on a very well used and loved 1954 Martin D-18 (for those of you who have guitar lust—centerfold picture available on request) and generally am having the best retirement ever.

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The Lance Underphal Mysteries, as featured on NBC’s Daytime, are a new breed of supernatural thrillers.

FREE Intro to a different Mystery Thriller Series

When asked about time spent in solitary confinement in the Maricopa felony block, he said, “Some things are better left a mystery.” Yet he admits to drawing on life’s darker experiences to create a new breed of murder mysteries and thrillers. Michael Allan Scott, his wife, Cynthia, and their rescue Doberman, Roxie live with coyotes, bobcats, and javelina in the Arizona desert.

The Lance Underphal Murder Mystery Thrillers:

Your Choice! By the way, books 2 through 4 are Free on Kindle Unlimited. 

Not sure how well you’ll like these dark and different tales? Each book is a stand-alone story. Read the first book for FREE, then decide. The series is rated 4.4 stars overall, by Amazon customers.

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Dark Side of Sunset Pointe: A Lance Underphal Mystery

If hard-boiled characters like Harry Bosch, Lee Marvin, and Dave Robicheaux get you going, wait until you meet Lance Underphal and crew.

Featured on NBC, it’s dark, different, and based on real-life events.

Hard to put down, this one is a handful. A damaged police consultant, Lance sees murders before they happen. It’s a curse and only his dead wife can save him.Dark Side of Sunset Pointe: A Lance Underphal Mystery

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What Readers are Saying about Dark Side of Sunset Pointe:

“Fasten your seatbelt and hang on. The author over-delivers and I was impressed. Excellent read.”  – By Diana L (TOP 500 AMAZON REVIEWER)

“I dare you, actually I double dog dare you, to find a book with more twists and turns than this one.” – By Amazon Customer Wilson R.

“Absorbing mystery with a psychic twist! – Not your typical mystery. Not your typical police procedural. Not traditionally paranormal (no vampires, thank God). But an intriguing combo of all three.” – Bestselling Author, Rachel Thompson.

Flight of the Tarantula Hawk: A Lance Underphal MysteryFlight of the Tarantula Hawk: A Lance Underphal Mystery

An IndieReader Best Book of the Year, with a cast of real-life characters, it’s one of the stand-alone Lance Underphal mystery/thrillers showcased on NBC.

A reluctant police consultant, Lance Underphal sees murders before they happen. It’s a curse, and only his dead wife can save him.

Hard to put down. This one is a handful. Treat yourself to a harrowing flight, tonight. CLICK HERE for your new book.

The reviews are in:

“A brisk, intelligent thriller where the action can turn on a dime as new suspects and situations occur.” – IndieReader - Top Book Pick and a Best Book.

“Not for the faint of heart, Michael Allan Scott’s thriller balances mystery and horror in
equal proportions...this inventive tale deserves a high mark for intricate plotting.” – Clarion Review

“Solid characters and Lance’s alluringly grim dreams help distinguish this murder mystery.” – Kirkus Review 

Grey Daze: A Lance Underphal Murder Mystery Thriller ( A Lance Underphal Mystery Book 3)Grey Daze: A Lance Underphal Murder Mystery Thriller ( A Lance Underphal Mystery Book 3)

You can’t keep a good man down, or can you? Wait until you meet Lance Underphal. A flawed police consultant, he’s no Sherlock Holmes, and he’s been kicked around plenty. Cursed, his only hope for redemption is the voice in his head, the voice of his dead wife.

An IAN Book of the Year Finalist, featured on NBC, and based on real events this stand-alone novel is one of a new breed of murder mystery thrillers.

Tonight, treat yourself to an intense, intelligent, murder mystery with a new twist. CLICK HERE for your new book

Here’s what top reviewers think of Grey Daze:

“…a cohesive tale of intermingling plots that came at you from surprising directions. To say that his writing is full of twists and turns would be doing the author a disservice.” – By Scott E. High (TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE)

“Based on real events, this murder mystery/thriller spirals way out of control. Along with voices of the dead and visions of imminent peril, ‘Grey Daze’ is sure to please…” – By Chanticleer Book Reviews

“A clever book that kept me turning the pages, author did a great job as to bringing this unconventional story to life and best yet, making the plot seem believable. A very good book and I did enjoy!” – By Don Kidwell (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

Cut-Throat Syndrome: A Lance Underphal Murder Mystery ThrillerCut-Throat Syndrome: A Lance Underphal Murder Mystery Thriller

If tough guys like Reacher, Bourne, or Bosch get you going, wait until you meet Lance Underphal and crew.

When a drone packed with explosives is sucked into the engine of a Chinese airliner, a hacker cult claims responsibility. The next day, Lance leads a homicide detective to the headless corpse of an unidentified teenager. Throw in an ex-SEAL P.I. tracking a CIA informant gone rogue and it gets interesting.

Cut-Throat Syndrome is new and different, miles beyond a run-of-the-mill murder mystery, more than an action thriller. Red hot, it’s the latest addition to the absorbing novels showcased on NBC.

Tangled in international intrigue, this tale of greed and conspiracy delves into a disturbing world ripped out of tomorrow’s headlines. A little too close for comfort, it’s not a guessing game for the faint of heart. Tonight, challenge yourself to an outrageous read. CLICK HERE for your new book.

As mentioned, here’s the limited-time discount offers.


Get your two-volume combo, the 2nd book, Flight of the Tarantula Hawk, and book 3, Grey Daze for $0.99 each!

Part murder mystery, part thriller, with a faint whiff of the supernatural—two books, the 2nd & 3rd in the series, are each very different from the other. First showcased on NBC's Daytime, they feature a reluctant psychic, Lance Underphal and his dead wife, Sonja. Over the course of the series, Lance, with Sonja's help, pulls himself out the pit and comes up the line from loser to redemption.


Better yet, get the first three books, Dark Side of Sunset Pointe, Flight of the Tarantula Hawk, and Grey Daze in a box set for only $1.99 each.

Unforgettable people. Unpredictable stories. Unbelievably intense. As showcased on NBC, they are new and different. The first three novels, in what can loosely be described as a series, are each a unique tale which stands on its own.


Explore this Dark Psychological Thriller!

AB read at birth according to her mother. At age four, her public librarian rejected her application for a card. She was too short to see over the desk.

She stormed home undeterred. Older neighbor kids and loads of cousins provided a fix for her reading obsession. She traded them dolls and colors and small trinkets for scary comic books.

Years of teaching adolescent boys and working with high-testosterone tekkies fuel her interest in neuroanatomy and behavioral psychology. The terror those comics imprinted in her brain surfaces regularly. 

Her dark, psychological thrillers probe the impact of the family on wounded hearts. She still holds public librarians in high esteem.

Find AB Plum's musings on her blogsite.

Connect with AB Plum online:
Website: ~ visit for updates, bonus content, and more | Facebook | Twitter

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A Thrilling, Gritty Crime Series from Will Patching

A Thrilling, Gritty Crime Series from Will Patching

The Remorseless Trilogy of unique British crime thrillers will take you deep into the minds of psychopathic criminals - including those of more tender years - and won't leave you untouched by the experience. Remorseless, the first novel in this Brit-grit trilogy was selected as the Ebook Skill 'Mystery and Thriller of the Year, 2017'.

Featuring Forensic Psychiatrist, Doc Powers, and Detective Inspector Carver of London’s Metropolitan Police, Remorseless has received hundreds of 5 star reviews and has been downloaded by over 250,000 readers. This spine-chilling thriller has been described by independent reviewers as: “Right up there with James Patterson and Stephen King” and “...up there with Stuart MacBride and Val McDermid”.

Currently, The Remorseless Trilogy of full-length novels, including thrillers Mutilated and Gaslighting – featuring the same main characters – can be purchased individually or for around half price as one ‘box set’ ebook.

Author, Will Patching’s gritty crime stories mix murder mystery, psychological suspense and intense thrills while offering unique insights into the darker side of human nature. His ‘pull no punches’ style and sparse but often brutal descriptive passages will not suit all readers, so if you are into cozy mysteries, or feel you need a trigger warning for any reason, you might want to look elsewhere!

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Award Nominated Supernatural Suspense

Jan Walters grew up and still resides in central Iowa. She and her husband own a farm. With five generations of family members serving on the Des Moines Police Department, she grew up hearing all kinds of stories about police officers. She incorporated some of those stories and gave them a unique twist for her new series; A Ghost & A Cop.

In September 2014, York Street- A Ghost & A Cop Series was released. The book is a tale of chaos and mayhem as Brett O'Shea, a young street cop, and an irreverent ghost, Al, team up to outwit a serial killer with unusual capabilities. Brett doesn't believe in hocus pocus until Al shows up. The two are in for a ride of their life. York Street is a 2016 Eric Hoffer Finalist. 

In the January 2017, Red Sunset Drive- A Ghost and a Cop Series was released. This is the second book in the 'Ghost & a Cop' series. This book was given the Editor's Choice Award and the Rising Star Award. 

Jan is currently working on book 3 in the 'Ghost and A Cop' series. In 'Tempest Court', Brett O'Shea and Michael, the ghost, face a new supernatural killer.

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