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Culture Crime Series Blurb:

The Culture Crime Series are international thrillers that include: Golden Icon (the prequel), Masterpiece, Book of Hours and Stolen Script. The fourth book in the series The Faking Game is due for release in spring 2019.

Protagonist, artist and photographer, Mikky dos Santos is rebellious and doesn’t always do the right thing but she’s an expert at staying out of sight, and equally skilled at tracking down her enemies. 

With a background in travel and tourism Janet uses locations around the world as settings for her gripping, international crime thrillers. These well written, page-turners are full of twists and turns that will leave you wanting more.

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Masterpiece: Culture Crime Series - Female Protagonist (A Mikky dos Santos Thriller - Book 1) $0.99

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Mikky is planning the heist of her life.
But when opera diva Josephine Lavelle appears on the scene her plans start to unravel.
An investigative journalist is intent on uncovering Josephine’s secret but Mikky faces a far greater threat from an unexpected source.
She stands to lose everything, including her life…
How far will she go to pursue her dream?
A gripping crime thriller. An exciting, fast-paced novel involving an exciting heist, an unusual robbery, and an innovative thief. Her secrets will have you hooked in the first book of this Culture Crime Series.

"The intro of the new characters is well done and keeps you guessing. The series is unique and reminds me of the same twists and turns as another author’s series The girl with the dragon tattoo. This series is top grade and I look forward to each next book."

"This novel has enough tension to satisfy thriller addicts, and enough plot twists to keep lovers of mystery stories intrigued. But for me, it was raised above the ordinary by the interaction of two fascinating characters. This author provides the reader with a unique experience, and keeps the pages turning far into the night."

"This story has a beautiful character develop for the main character, Mikky. The descriptions help you feel as if you personally know her. She faces dilemmas and seeks to solve them. Her life experiences help to complete her character. She grows and becomes a changed person throughout these experiences. I enjoyed the story."

"Enjoyed the plot and especially reviewing the great art mentioned in the book."

Book of Hours: Culture Crime Series - Female Protagonist (A Mikky dos Santos Thriller - Book 2)Book of Hours: Culture Crime Series - Female Protagonist (A Mikky dos Santos Thriller - Book 2) - $4.21

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Mikky dos Santos, artist and photographer, is lured back to Malaga with the hope of rebuilding her past. When an old friend asks her to determine the authenticity of a rare manuscript she is drawn into a web of lies and deceit. Travelling to Bruges and Canterbury she must use all her experience and resources to face the trauma of her past and to find justice.

After a shocking discovery, a Janus figure in the art world forces her to make an exchange and she comes face to face with her friend’s murderer.
Will the price be too high for the retribution she seeks?
A gripping thriller that will have you hooked in this exciting International Culture Crime Series.

"This is the best yet! I just couldn't put this book down - it's a real page turner. As with the prequel, Golden Icon and Masterpiece, the content is so well researched and really brings the story to life. Mikky's character is very interesting - she is sometimes difficult to like but there is just something about her that makes you want her to succeed. Another fabulous read. Can't wait for the next in the series!!"

"Having read Masterpiece in quick time I could not wait to continue my journey reading the sequel,’ Book of Hours’. Unfortunately, unlike ‘Masterpiece’, I had to spread my reading of this over several days. The characters and storylines continued as with ‘Masterpiece’. In both Masterpiece and Books of Hours, the extent of the writer’s knowledge and level of research are extensive and add to the enjoyment of the books. It also made you appreciate of how difficult it is for authors to continually engage their readers throughout a book. Janet Pywell certainly through her writing, gains your attention from the beginning and leaves you wanting more. I look forward to reading her next book in the series. Now I will go and read, ‘Golden Icon’, the first in this series of books and keen to read her other books."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book and series. It flowed perfectly, taking me on a journey using clever detail and description. I am hoping another book will follow."
"Mikki de Santos is a heroine - or anti-heroine - you'll never forget. It's refreshing to find an author who doesn't stick to the same old formula of a thriller, but instead brings characters, situations and places vividly alive on the page, making readers feel the fear, the trauma and the excitement as the adventure unfolds. Highly recommended!"

Stolen Script: Culture Crime Series - Female Protagonist (A Mikky dos Santos Thriller - Book 3)Stolen Script: Culture Crime Series - Female Protagonist (A Mikky dos Santos Thriller - Book 3) $3.99

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A Gripping International Crime Thriller from author Janet Pywell’s Culture Crime Series.

Artist and photographer, Mikky dos Santos is brilliant but rebellious. After a personal catastrophe in New York she insists on going to Greece to authenticate a valuable parchment where she makes a promise to return it to the Jewish museum in Rhodes. But time is running out and Nikos Pavlides isn’t giving up the Torah easily. He’s also hiding a deeper, darker secret and, as he plays a deadly game, the stakes are raised. Faced with drug dealers and human traffickers with no regard for life, Mikky’s survival instincts kick in as she uncovers the sordid reality of the truth and its savage consequences.

Fighting for her life, how will Mikky fulfil her promise? This enthralling, fast-paced thriller is an emotional roller coaster of shocking twists and turns…

Set in America (New York), Turkey (Izmir) and Greece (Rhodes) this exciting novel will keep you turning the pages.
It’s a deadly game…