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Award-winning author Eric J. Gates has had a curious life filled with the stuff of thriller novels. Writing Operating Systems for Supercomputers, cracking cryptographic codes under extreme pressure using only paper and pen and teaching Cyberwarfare to spies are just a few of the moments he's willing to recall. He is an ex-International Consultant who has travelled extensively worldwide, speaks several languages. His specialty, Information Technology Security, has brought him into contact with the Military and Intelligence communities on numerous occasions. He is also an expert martial artist, holding 14 black belt degrees in distinct disciplines. He has taught his skills to Police and Military personnel, as well as to the public.

He now writes thriller novels, drawing on his experiences with the confidential and secret worlds that surround us. Visit his website at for extracts, inside secrets, and a competition where you could be a character in his next book.

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the CULL - Bloodline the CULL - Bloodline  $2.99

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Goodreads Book of the Month October 2018!

A new, fast-paced and highly original take on vampire lore. 

No fangs; no morphing into bats; just adrenaline-pumping fury as two female Federal agents encounter the unimaginable.

2018 READERS' FAVORITE Honorable Mention Book Award Winner


"I applaud Gates for the well thought out premise, plot, and the way he made his vampires unique, deftly using the classic theme to make the series stand out from other bloodsucker stories. The writing style complements the swift pacing, and there are plenty of action filled and suspenseful moments. Solid characterization gives the characters enough depth and believable traits… in essence Bloodline is gripping, fun, and kept me intrigued from start to finish."

Amy Bree's reckless actions result in death and her dismissal from the FBI.

A visit from a mysterious priest propels her back into the fray, as she is partnered with an ex-spy, with fearsome computer skills, and tasked to hunt down the serial killer known as the Blood Sucker.

Their quarry is not what they expect.

The body count rises… and the hunters become the hunted!

"A gripping action book, fast-paced and addictive. You're going to have a problem putting it down. Remember to breathe."

"The characters are excellent, the plot is completely unfamiliar therefore filled with thrilling surprise after surprise"

"...once I started I couldn't put it down... one of the best books I have read..."

"Confident, tough as nails and action packed!"

the CULL - Bloodstone the CULL - Bloodstone  kindle unlimited logo $4.99 to buy


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Two new enemies emerge as the relationship between Amy and the ‘new' Katie evolves in unexpected ways.

Katie is searching for answers; a new ally may help in her quest. 

Amy finds herself taking on a powerful adversary without the help of her partner.

An old nemesis returns in an unforseen twist in this thrilling continuation of‘the CULL - Bloodline'.

"Like it's predecessor, 'Bloodstone' is a page-turner, and contains obvious thriller elements, but it also takes in components of vampirism (in its broadest sense - none of your sparkly 'Twilight' vampires here), technological geekery and an unusually deep psychological profiling of the main characters. It also oozes with a delicious moral ambiguity as unlikely alliances form and dissolve. It is also good to see the key players are strong females, fighting their way through a man's world of prejudice and violence - and remaining firmly female while not straying into patronising areas of 'girliness'. No cop-out love stories or romance interest here, just excitement from page one."

"Katie and Amy are back in “CULL – Bloodstone,” by Eric J. Gates, and the trouble is intense. What I really like about this author is the way he shoves you face first into the story and makes it impossible for you to stop reading. “Amy, Amy. For God’s sake! Wake up! Wake up! We’re under attack! AMY!” Wildly exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.I loved the first, this is even better, I can’t wait for the next one."
"Wow! You don't normally see the second book even better than the first, but Eric J. Gates did! Great stuff!!! Great twists and turns! Action you did not expect! You want more!"


the CULL - Blood Feud the CULL - Blood Feud  kindle unlimited logo $4.99 to buy


Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN  

Amy and Katie discover the startling truth of who is behind the attacks and decide to go on the offensive

Strange alliances lead to violent death as they seek to overcome the most formidable enemy they have yet to face.

An old ally resurfaces, yet everyone seems to have their own agenda, which leads to constant conflict where no one can be trusted, as they take on forces more sinister and powerful than ever before when they race to rescue their friends.

This adrenaline-fueled continuation of 'the CULL' series sees Amy and Katie propelled into the very heart of their enemies' domain and bring about events that will change them forever.

"The characters are great, action is fast, and you will have trouble putting the book down!"

"the CULL - Blood Feud," spins us deeper into the action as Amy and Katie cut through the mystery and we're treated to almost more suspense and thrills than we can handle."

"Just as in the first two books, the pace is breathless, and the storyline packed with incident. To my mind, there are four elements that distinguish Gates' thrillers from the norm. First, he employs strong female protagonists - notably Katie and Amy - who are well able to hold their own in a male-dominated, testosterone-fuelled world. Secondly, his vampires are not the cliche-ridden creatures of popular fiction. Thirdly, his deep knowledge of all things techie permeates and informs his stories, and are intrinsic to the action. And finally - and most importantly - his characters' thoughts and actions are riddled with moral ambiguity, as are the institutions they represent (and sometimes betray). The series has already moved off in unpredictable directions, and isn't that the hallmark of a compelling narrative?"


the CULL - Blood Demon the CULL - Blood Demon  kindle unlimited logo $4.99 to buy


Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN  

Katie and the team take on an ancient preternatural threat that far exceeds their own abilities while seeking to prove one of them is not a murderer; Amy is assigned a case which lies squarely in Katie's area of expertise but has to tackle it alone. A treacherous new conspiracy surfaces with deadly consequences.

"Blood Demon captures all the elements of a masterfully-written book. Believable, complex characters (I love Katie and Amy, missed them being apart in this book) that continue to grow and evolve, rapid, action-packed pacing, a complex tightly-woven plot that keeps you guessing until the very end and clear and crisp writing that makes reading a breeze and keeps the pages turning late into the night. The depth and dimension of this author's work is extraordinary and the forces of good and evil are philosophical underpinnings that few writers incorporate."

"They keep getting better! “The CULL - Blood Demon” by Eric J. Gates is the best of a great series. The author is a master at weaving a tale packed with suspense, intrigue and Katie and Amy are in well over their heads in this one. It’s impossible not to keep turning the pages in this action thriller which takes on the reader on a wild ride that pushes the limits, touches the supernatural and surprises at every turn."

"Eric Gates' 'Cull' saga continues with 'Blood Demon', and all the elements we have come to expect from this series are present: shifting alliances, betrayals, high-tech wizardry, and a satisfactorily high body count. Moral ambiguity permeates the action-soaked pages, and black-and-white ethics are put to the sword. I enjoy books where you can't be entirely sure who the good guys are, and this one fits the mould. We can, however, be sure who the good girls are, as the physically-transformed Katie and the emotionally-transformed Amy promulgate their own particular form of female chaos across a dangerous and violent landscape."


the CULL - Blood Kill the CULL - Blood Kill $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $4.99 to buy


Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN  

Katie goes through a change that could cost her her life!

Amy takes on odds far in excess of her ability to handle them. She's completely off-the-rails. This is NOT the Amy Bree you think you know.

For Katie, her most feared enemy is far closer to home than she could have ever imagined. She also learns a secret that will shake her to her very core!

And has SANTA gone over to the enemy?

This and MUCH MORE in this explosive FINALE to the series.

"I'll sound like a movie trailer but 'the CULL - Blood Kill' is a stunning conclusion to an epic series! More than that, the author blends the supernatural and the contemporary world in such a seamless way that you get lost in the story. Katie and Amy developed over five books are as real to me as friends. Quite an impressive saga."

"Be prepared to get nothing else done! The books grab you and keep you in the edge of your chair. Eric Gates is a master story teller who knows how to build his characters and weave a plot that ensnares you! I was sad to see the series end, but it has certainly gotten me hooked on reading anything by Eric Gates!"

"With 'Blood Kill, Eric J. Gates' 'Cull' series draws to a close. For me, it seems like the end of an era, and I read the final pages with mixed emotions.. Over the last few years, I feel like I have come to know Katie and Amy, Gates' two female protagonists, along with Vatican killing machine Cancelli. But, on the plus side, the author may have saved his best for last (although, frankly, it would be hard to pick a favourite in this series). The usual high-octane action scenes are present, along with the shifting alliances, betrayals, and tricky plot twists - although in 'Blood Kill' the stakes are higher."

"Eric J. Gates is a phenomenal author and a master at his craft! the CULL - Blood Kill is by far the BEST book in this series! Katie and Amy are back and better than ever! This book has well developed characters, mystery, nail biting suspense and intrigue. I was glued to the edge of my seat reading this book, and I didn't want it to end."