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JR Thompson was born and raised in West Virginia. For more than fifteen years he worked with at-risk youth there. He married and moved to a small ghost town in Montana, where God called him to preach. He now serves as an assistant pastor in a neighboring town and also serves as the director of Canaan's Land Boys Ranch.

On more of a negative note, JR humbly admits that he is an addict - that's right, he can never get enough Dr. Pepper and has been that way for years.

In addition to writing and ministerial work, Thompson loves the outdoors - he and his wife enjoy going camping in tents (and they make sure to take their bear spray with them - especially since a blackbear got inside their Jeep and ripped up the seats in recent months), hiking, and doing anything to enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

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Hidden in Harmony: Danger is Imminent (Harmony Series Book 1) Hidden in Harmony: Danger is Imminent (Harmony Series Book 1) kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

Would you be willing to break the law in order to protect your family?
Blinded by compassion, Collin Russell thrusts his entire family into jeopardy while dealing with a homeless man who collapses on his doorstep. Having no idea Brock has formerly been accused of cannibalism, he gives the stranger a sweet taste of northern hospitality – inadvertently enlisting his family in more intense spiritual warfare than he's ever known.

When Brock's questionable past comes to light, Collin and his family plunge themselves into a bout of private detective work where they are forced to deal with physical assaults, threats, kidnappings, and murder. Unmasking the truth behind a decade worth of missing persons proves to be a more daunting task than the Russells bargained for with unexpected twists and turns around every corner.

Devoted to discovering the truth, the Russell family refuses to be crippled by fear. Quitting is not an option.

Fighting for Farmington: Destruction is Inevitable (Harmony Series Book 2) Fighting for Farmington: Destruction is Inevitable (Harmony Series Book 2) kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

The eyes of a demented arsonist have focused in on the small town of Farmington, CT.
Brock Pearson, the new director of Laborers for God, has more on his plate than he can chew as private homes and businesses are becoming engulfed faster than his ministry can possibly rebuild.

Blazing properties form only a small part of the equation in this intriguing, clean mystery. The Pearson household has recently added a new member to their ranks — a runaway named Titus who brings a wealth of surprises to the table, including a quickly developing crush on their pastor's granddaughter, Ericka. He's going to have a difficult time winning her heart because she's an extremely Godly young lady and Titus... well, let's just say he hasn't hit his spiritual growth spurt yet.

Farmington is in desperate need of a superhero coming in and tackling the villain bent on destroying their town. Something has to give.

Terrors of Troy: Despair is Inflicted (Harmony Series Book 3) Terrors of Troy: Despair is Inflicted (Harmony Series Book 3) kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy

A teenage boy finds himself nearly 2,000 miles away from his family. Completely alone in Troy, MT and having no way of contacting the outside world, Remington Russell is targeted by a sociopath who knows no bounds. Staying in the cabin alone seems like a stupid idea, but the fear of hiking through the woods with a lunatic on his heels is enough to keep him from going anywhere. If Remington survives, there's a serious possibility he will lose his sanity.