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Christian Kallias was born in Geneva, Switzerland. As his surname suggests, he has Greek roots and often dreams of life in Greece. The rest of the time, he plots space operas and fantasy stories at home in Switzerland. 

With his sight always set towards the stars, his novels reflect many of his favorite things, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Stargate. He has fond memories of playing games like Wing Commander, a fact that should be apparent in his depictions of dogfight scenes. 

Christian is drawn to imagining his stories in which his utopian aspirations for a better world where humanity shines and evolves towards a higher level of civilization often find their way into his novels. After trying to become a mangaka, a video game creator, an illustrator, and a cd cover artist, he realized along the way that the best medium to express himself was simply through the written word. 

Christian began his career as a system engineer and understands technology very well even though he's more than happy to never have to fix a server again for the rest of his life! With that old life behind, and now living his dream, he's thoroughly enjoying creating storylines and characters that entice the reader to reflect and to ask themselves what if? What if we did things differently? What if we challenged our beliefs? But he doesn’t imply that he is right with his questioning. He just has these questions and likes to share them with his readers. In the end, Christian writes, first and foremost, to entertain. So for a little while, the reader can be transported to other worlds, and he hopes they enjoy the ride. 

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I am Fury. Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall Protect this World until my Dying Breath.

When the Obsidian Empire obliterates the Star Alliance with the help of the Zarlacks, an old evil race long thought extinct, the universe is set ablaze. The last survivors are forced to make a blind jump beyond the outer reach of the charted universe, to a world teeming with life:Earth. The fleet's arrival inadvertently alerts their enemies to the presence of sentient life in that part of space, resulting in a swift and devastating invasion of the blue marble.

Under the guidance of the Olympian goddess of Love, Aphroditis, Lieutenant Chase Athanatos learns of his origins and must race against time in a daring attempt to save Earth, their Last Sanctuary.

With Earth now thrown at the center of the conflict, the newly formed Earth Alliance struggles to keep the enemy at bay. Desperately outnumbered, Chase and his friends must wage one battle after another while seeking new allies to survive.

When it becomes clear that his Fury powers are awakening, Chase must face his inner demons and learn to control them or he could very well destroy the universe he has sworn to protect. Can his Fury heritage and unwavering determination hold the key to change the course of everyone's destiny?

The Trilogy edition contains the first 3 books of the Universe in Flames saga: Earth - Last Sanctuary, Fury to the Stars and Destination Oblivionin one eBook. This version contains the latest edits and proofreads from the series with a new cover.

Earth Last Sanctuary (Universe in Flames Book 1) Earth Last Sanctuary (Universe in Flames Book 1) GET STARTED FOR FREE! $0.00
5 stars: "I absolutely loved this book! The author has a writing style that kept me hooked from the first word until the last. I loved the story and he did an amazing job telling it. And that ending! I'll only say that I did not see it coming and I can't wait for the next one! Read this book! Kallias does not disappoint." - Van Warren

Synopsis: When the evil Obsidian Empire delivers a deathblow against the Star Alliance, fighter pilot Lieutenant Chase Athanatos leads a band of scattered survivors to the farthest reaches of the known universe, to a little planet called Earth. But Earth is in trouble. The Obsidian Empire is hot on their trail, and unless they find a way to stop them, what's left of the Alliance and the entire planet are doomed to extinction.

With the help of the beautiful Commander Sarah Kepler and under the guidance of the goddess of love Aphroditis, Chase races against time to find a way to save the planet from total annihilation.

Unbeknownst to him, something dormant is coursing through Chase's blood.
But does it hold the key to changing their destiny?

What to expect: Epic space battles, dogfights, large fleet battles, alien first contact, alien invasion, galactic empires, alien worlds, action, adventure, mythology, supernatural powers, friendship, survival, suspense and romance.
Fury to the Stars (Universe in Flames Book 2) Fury to the Stars (Universe in Flames Book 2) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo or $2.99
"Even better than its predecessor, Fury to the Stars shows an evolution in the writer's style. Epic and full of suspense, a true sci-fi classic in its content, the novel culminates with a jaw dropping ending.
This book introduces a lot of new and interesting characters, though my favorite is still Ryonna and it brings to the surface new details about Chase's past and true identity. -Miliana Chipaila"

Synopsis:With Commander Sarah Kepler imprisoned and being brutally interrogated by her captor, Chase learns more about his birthright powers as he tries to locate her. It soon becomes clear that he must learn to control them or he could end up destroying the very universe he's trying to save.

Meanwhile the Destiny battle group is being escorted to Droxia to answer for their actions, unaware of what awaits them upon their arrival. On Earth, humanity licks its wounds when some unforeseen acts of terror threaten the newly found peace that the fresh and frail Alliance brought along with their arrival.

An unexpected ally surfaces with information that could tip the balance of power for the first time since the Obsidian Empire obliterated the Star Alliance. But considering his past actions, can he really be trusted?

Chase is determined to save his beloved Sarah at all cost, but with the fate of the universe in the balance and his overwhelming powers quickly coming to the surface, his task is not an easy one. Neither is the growing burden of responsibility already eating at his soul.

Choices and sacrifices are to be made. But will Chase be able to live with the consequences of his actions?
Destination Oblivion (Universe in Flames Book 3) Destination Oblivion (Universe in Flames Book 3)  $0.00 kindle unlimited logo or $3.99

 5 stars: "Better and better! Read through all 3 books in 3 days! I just hate having to wait for the next one! WRITE FASTER!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Haunted by nightmares about Sarah, Chase leaves the Earth Alliance and discards both Aphroditis and Ares’ counsel in his quest for revenge. He falls into a dangerous dark pit of hatred, sorrow and regret which consumes his soul with every passing moment.

In the meantime, the Earth Alliance, now equipped with better technology, is winning most of its battles against the Zarlack forces, while the Obsidian Empire enters into talks to join the Alliance, their once mortal enemies.

When Argos finds the hiding place of the Olympians and decides to strike, he reappears on Chase’s radar. Blinded by rage and fully determined to unleash the full brunt of his vengeance upon Argos, Chase teams up with Keera, a sexy bounty hunter, to hunt him down with only one purpose in mind: to end his life once and for all.

But nothing is really as it seems and Chase’s life is again about to be turned upside down.
The Beginning of the End (Universe in Flames Book 4) The Beginning of the End (Universe in Flames Book 4) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $3.99
Ten thousands years ago, the Furies nearly exterminated all life in the universe before being defeated by a coalition of worlds led by the Olympians.

Or so everyone thought...

Now they're back and a new reign of terror has begun.

With the help of Gaia, Chase trains to increase his powers tenfold in the hope to defeat the Furies once and for all. But will it be enough to stop an unstoppable enemy?
Rise of the Ultra Fury (Universe in Flames Book 5) Rise of the Ultra Fury (Universe in Flames Book 5) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $3.99
By CJ on September 2, 2016
I have read all of this series, and I am loving every book so far! The plot is able to pull in many different types of readers, and for a kindle book, it is edited very well (we've all seen those books that have a typo in every sentence and we all know they hurt). Definitely a great read when you have a few hours of down time. I can't wait for the next book!
BOOK DESCRIPTION: While Sarah is near the term of her pregnancy, Chase is at death's door. In a race against time, his friends risk everything in the hope of bringing him back. In order to do so Ares enlists the help of another Olympian as well as an unlikely ally. Someone they can't trust but desperately need on their side.

Beyond the gates of the underworld, Chase questions himself and every one of his past decisions. Both his faith for the future and his confidence are shattered as he faces his inner demons in order to grow stronger. A new mentor steps in to guide him in reaching his full potential.

After having witnessed her home world being nearly obliterated by the Furies, Ryonna goes on a quest to rescue her brother-in-law who might have stumbled onto a technological advantage the Earth Alliance so direly needs.

Meanwhile, the Furies are creating a fleet of advanced ships. As soon as their first super destroyer is ready to deploy, they decide the time has come to teach the Earth Alliance a lesson in power.

Can the Earth Alliance repel such a powerful enemy? And at what cost?
Shadows of Olympus (Universe in Flames Book 6) Shadows of Olympus (Universe in Flames Book 6) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy
Bobbi Amann on December 25, 2016
Reinventing the whole meaning to good sci-fi!
 I was truly taken by the book! Not have read previous books to understand who all of the characters in the story were it took some time to get into it! But I overlooked that and just read it! Amazing story! Enough so that purchased first two in series to understand who all the people are and why they are! Looking forward to #7 but in the mean time will devour all previous books by Chris! BTW, if you haven't read "Rewind 717" do yourself a favor and read it! Different than this series but very very good! That's how I got introduced to Chris!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: With the arrival of a powerful new threat in orbit around Earth, the Alliance is forced to vacate Earth space while a small group stays behind to ensure humanity isn't enslaved or worse, wiped out.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet splits into separate missions, each of them vital in rebuilding the Earth Alliance forces and strengthening what's left of the fleet. Sarah, Chris and Daniel follow a lead to a remote part of space in the hope of establishing a dialogue with the Asgardians, unaware of the dangers that await them upon arrival.

Chase's visit to Olympus to meet with Zeus doesn't go as planned but he learns crucial information that could turn the tides of the Fury war. Chase soon realizes that to achieve a permanent alliance with Olympus, he will have to deal with a deadly new foe, one powerful enough to cancel out his Ultra Fury powers.
Armageddon Unleashed (Universe in Flames Book 7) Armageddon Unleashed (Universe in Flames Book 7) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy
The desperate battle to reclaim Earth has begun.
With Gaia 2's threat looming over Earth, Captain Chase Athanatos embarks on a perilous mission to take down the evil Artificial Intelligence once and for all.

The biggest battle and challenge Chase has ever faced awaits him; one where his strength of character and spirit will be tested at every turn. Can Chase best Gaia 2 on her own turf? Or has the Earth Alliance bitten off more than they can chew?

Meanwhile, Oryn plans to take control of the Furies with some new technology she's been developing. When the time comes for Fury trial, she doesn't hesitate to use her own brother Miseo to test its efficiency.

The battle to regain Earth has begun. The stakes have never been higher, as are the dangers and consequences should our heroes fail their daring mission.
Twilight of the Gods (Universe in Flames Book 8) Twilight of the Gods (Universe in Flames Book 8) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy
New readers: Check out the UiF Trilogy (3 books for only $0.99! sale ends soon)

Darkness Extinguished the Starlight and the Gods Wept.

Chase tries to convince Thor and the Asgardians to reconsider Kvasir's fate as well as membership in the Earth Alliance. Oryn believes she knows a way to convince the Asgardians to join them in their fight against the Furies, but Thor is not easily manipulated.

The Furies move en masse to Droxia to finish what they started earlier as Sarah is tested in unexpected ways.

When Arakan sets his sights on Asgard, Chase sees this as an opportunity to assemble a strong and forceful Alliance. One that could bring down the Furies once and for all.

Despite appearances, Supreme Commander Arakan knows exactly what he's doing. And as the battle draws near, he's determined to strike a blow to the heart of the opposition; one that will resonate throughout the ages.
Ryonna's Wrath
This book is the first Novella in the Universe in Flames saga. It can be read independently from the series or as part of it (timeline info below).
"Although Initially I read Ryonna's Trials through my Kindle Unlimited, I decided to buy it anyway... Worth reading. A solid 4.0 out of 5 stars." --Bill Anderson (Top 500 reviewer)

Ryonna, the Droxian who helped Chase and Sarah in their fight against the Zarlack forces threatening Earth, embarks on a mission to rescue her abducted son, Ronan.

To infiltrate Hellstar, the maximum security prison her son is being held in, she needs to acquire vital information. An unlikely alliance raises shadows from her past and it quickly becomes clear that the reasons behind the bounty on her head run deeper than she could ever have imagined. This shocking revelation will turn Ryonna's life upside down.

While saving her son remains her top priority, Ryonna embarks on a series of deadly missions in order to uncover the truth behind it all. In the process, she puts her life and even her sanity on the line at every turn…


Timeline: The events of this Novella take place between book one (Earth – Last Sanctuary) and book two (Fury to the Stars) of the Universe in Flames saga. They focus around Ryonna's character. While it is not necessary to have read these books to enjoy this Novella, you’ll understand each reference to other characters and mention of races as well as some other world building details better if you did. If this is the first book you read from me, worry not, you can still go ahead and read it.