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Start this True Love Christian Romance Series for only 99c!

Juliette Duncan is passionate about writing real-life Christian inspirational romances that will touch her readers' hearts and make a difference in their lives. Drawing on her own often challenging real-life experiences, Juliette writes deeply emotional stories that highlight God’s amazing love and faithfulness, for which she’s eternally grateful.

Juliette lives in Brisbane, Australia. She and her husband have five adult children and seven grandchildren whom they love dearly, as well as an elderly long-haired dachshund and a little black cat. When not writing, Juliette and her husband love exploring the great outdoors.

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The books in the “The True Love Series” are clean and wholesome, contemporary Christian romances that will pull at your heartstrings, warm your heart, and draw you closer to God. The series comes to a conclusion in Book Four,"Triumphant Love” 

To gain maximum enjoyment, it's recommended the books are read in order.

""I just finished reading the True Love series. I confess, I'm speechless! The author is so good showing how real people's lives are, not like some books that look more like fairy tales. She's very sensitive showing God's love thru hard times, broken hearts, failures, bad decisions. We can see His love working on every single character in the series. I'm in love with her stories." Magda Pereira


Tender Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 1) Tender Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 1) kindle unlimited logo $0.99 to buy

“A truly inspiring series. Once you read one, you crave them all…”
Tessa Scott is a vet with a broken heart, questioning God’s plan for her life.
Ben Williams is a single father doing his best to raise his teenage son after his wife abandoned not only him, but their son, for a life of fame and fortune.
When Tessa’s housemate, Stephanie, inadvertently sets up a meeting between the two, there’s no denying the magnetism between them, but will that mutual attraction do more harm than good?
If their relationship develops, Tessa would become a mother to a teenager. Is her love for Ben strong enough? Is this what God wants for her life?
Heart wrenching and real, this tender love story will warm your heart and soul as you witness the power of God at work in these broken lives.



Tested Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 2) Tested Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 2)kindle unlimited logo $1.99 to buy

A new marriage, a ready-made family, new challenges and a face from the past all converge to pose the most difficult questions yet for Tessa and Ben.

No sooner do they return from their honeymoon in Fiji when Ben’s teenage son, Jayden, reverts to old, troubling habits. Ben’s parenting style adds to the stress Tessa feels. Part of her wants to coddle Jayden; another part of her wants to support Ben’s wishes, but Jayden isn’t making it easy for her.

As she frets over marrying Ben and taking on so much responsibility, a new challenge arises. How will Tessa and Ben cope when their worst fear is realized? 

Will Ben and Tessa have the strength to power through and hold onto God’s graces or will the turmoil be enough to make their faith falter? Can this ready-made family remain together, especially now that their worst fear has come to fruition?

Tormented Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 3) Tormented Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 3) kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

Another wonderful testimony to the fact that you must stay strong in your faith even in the face of adversity. Brilliant captivating series - can't wait to read the next one. Ruth H.
When Ben and Tessa return from their holiday to New Zealand without Jayden, his absence takes a toll on them both, and Tessa is concerned Ben will slip back into depression if he doesn’t hear from his son soon.
They know they should trust God to bring Jayden home, but how do they live in the meantime? Reminders of Jayden are everywhere. A visit to Stephanie, Tessa’s best friend, gives Tessa an idea that she believes is from God, and will eventually take her and Ben half-way around the world. But will it help bring Jayden back?
Meanwhile, Jayden thought life would be better with his mother, but when reality sets in, he’s faced with difficult decisions. Will the lessons his father taught him, help him follow the right path?


Triumphant Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 4) Triumphant Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 4) kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

"The final book in this series did not disappoint. Juliette added some unexpected twists to the story which made it difficult to put the book down! I love how she constantly brings God into her stories and how with His help anything is impossible." Ann
Having received a letter from Jayden after their arrival home from Ecuador, Ben and Tessa had hoped he’d be on his way home soon, but concerns about Jayden’s growing attachment to the young, beautiful Angela Morgan make them wonder if he’ll ever be prepared to leave her and come home to them. They have no choice but to pray and wait.

Meanwhile, Jayden falls deeper in love. He attaches himself to Angie’s family, who have problems of their own in the form of an unexpected pregnancy. Jayden is amazed at how Angie’s parents handle what could be every parent’s worst nightmare in a loving, caring, non-judgmental way. 

As Jayden’s sixteenth birthday is celebrated on both of sides of the world, changes are afoot. Jayden has started attending a Bible Study run by Angie’s youth group, and although he’s interested, he needs proof God is real and is determined not to get caught up in any of the emotion. Will he tell her the truth about himself, even if it means he might lose her?

Kathryn goes from bad and worse, but Jayden never expected to see her on the headlines of the news. What has his mother done?

Although they’d rather Jayden was home, Tessa and Ben make the most of their time alone prior to the birth of their baby, but when Tessa is rushed to hospital and Ben is unable to be contacted, all Tessa can do is pray.