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Romance - Sci-Fi

Start this Romantic Suspense/Sci Fi Series

The Last War Series --- Romantic Suspense in a Science Fiction World...

Sylvie Grayson writes contemporary romantic suspense with attempted murder thrown in. She loves the intrigue and excitement of creating her stories. She also writes sci-fi/ fantasy about the imagined world of Khandarken, but with the same suspense, spicy romance and murder.

After many years of 'business', she finds it's wonderful to be doing what she loves. Sylvie lives in western Canada near the Pacific Ocean where she was born, and travels whenever possible, having just finished a journey through Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam and Hong Kong.

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What readers are saying about the Last War:

"Major Dante seeks justice for Beth in the tough world of Khandarken. Loved this book and couldn’t stop reading. Ready for more in this superb story."

"This...was a humdinger! I could not put it down and continued to read it from beginning to the end in one setting; late night! The story is well written, and the world is finely described."

"There are plots within plots, subterfuge and battles, treachery and loyalty; all leading to an exciting story line that makes you want to read the next book in the series."

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Humor and Adventure in the Sci-Fi World of Luke Mitchell's The Harvesters Series!

Luke is a storyteller whose dreams include being a PAID storyteller and also one day growing up. And lots of zombies. Don't ask. Also, the "growing up" bit was a lie. 

After studying engineering science at Penn State and neuroengineering at Drexel, Luke finally decided to throw in the towel on actually building a working Iron Man suit, opting instead to simply make things up and write them down. Boy, is he having more fun now. 

When he's not holed up in his cave trying to string words together, he can often be found powerlifting, video-gaming, reading, and/or drinking the darkest, most roasty beers he can get his mitts on. 
You know what? Enough about Luke. He's really not that interesting. But if you enjoy action-packed adventures that keep you turning pages (and occasionally cackling maniacally to yourself), you should probably go check out his books. They're way more interesting than he could ever be. 
He's totally not bitter about it. 
Swing by to say hi and pick up a free copy of his novella, Soldier of Charity.

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